the mist slips through my fingers
and I’m holding close to nought
will I ever get much nearer
to the truths that I have sought
did you answer when I called you
did the words just pass me by
is my life just plumes of smoke
drifting in a cloudless sky

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  1. damommza

     /  September 9, 2012

    Such beautiful poetry..there are times I think I am blessed to know you..the imagery is fantastic..

    • Thank you šŸ˜€ but it’s only a little thing suggested by the title to a song šŸ˜€

      • damommza

         /  September 9, 2012

        You’ve never written “a little thing” in your life šŸ˜€ The poems that you labor over and angst about are the ones that are the heaviest to read. Ones that just come to you from a suggestion are always fantastic, like this one!

        • This is little compared to some šŸ˜€ and was fairly quickly written, so my comment was objectively true, subjectively is a matter of opinion šŸ˜€


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