poussinboi’z burfdae pome

terhe ar peeplz taht we noes
taht we jujj bai tehir cloethz
or bai tehir car or munniez in tehir banx
butt uvvers taht haz wurf
taht tehy haz had sinse burf
adn for taht yoo noe we shood giv fanx

adn yoo noe it doent tayk mutch
tu sellerbrayt wun sutch
adn partee down wif cayk ‘n’ gaymz ‘n’ joi
adn mayk owr wurdz ring owt
az tugevver we awl showt
a verree happee burfdae poussinboi

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  1. Yoo am sucha speshlol purrsun, Sunovawot. Ai hoeps yoo noe dat… an dat yoo am a berry b-lubbd part ub teh Cheez komyoonitee. {{{{{Sunovawot}}}}} ♥

  2. Ai sore it; ai red it; nd ai luvved it 😀
    Menni thx indeed, Sun !! It was a luvly day nd tihs topped it off 😉


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