nc adn fambly

cownt up awl teh wurreez
cownt up awl teh fretz
nebber turn yoor bak adn
awlwaez hejj yoor betz
teh wurld iz nott yoor buddee
it izznt tehre for yoo
yoor ownlee on a vizzit
ownlee passin froo
butt boi kan it be happee
wen fingz goe ryte in it
adn teh wurld iz awlwaez bryter
wif a nyoo baeb in it

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    • damommza

       /  September 28, 2012

      enhayels teh noo babeh smelol…….aaah…… 😀

    • oooo fanks fur posting teh linky! ai wuz ablol tu leeb mai conga rats, fanks tu yoo. 😀

      ai lieks dis pome. ai’z alweighz happeh tu heer ub a gnu laif in teh whirrld, butt teh weigh yoo strucshurd dis pome, it erminds us dere’s a REEZUN we lubs gnu bebbehs… dey am pyur HOEP, an dat’s a preshus fing.

      *pooshis damommza owtta teh weigh tu get tu teh gnu bebbeh smelol* 😈

      • fan q 😀 thoe ai duzznt fink mutch bowt strukshur, in tihs caes ai rote teh lass twu lienz, adn tehn had tu ryte teh rest tu haz sumwer tu putt tehm 😀


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