a Howl-O-Ween Powem

by damommza & sunovawot


it woz a drak adn stawmee niet
adn ai woz fild wif friet
teh wind woz shril
ai flet teh fril
ten muun shed littul liet

teh goestz adn gobblinz tuu
luukd kwite a bit liek yoo
butt yoo ar gon
adn ai goe on
noe lawngur feelin bloo

ai berreed yoo kwite deep
in a manglold heep
yoo cannawt strae
awae yool stae
adn in teh grownd yool sleep

ai feel a breez of duum
tahtz enturrin mai ruum
it maykz a shaep
beehind mai drayp
haz yoo ekskaypd yoor tuum


teh tuum iz nott for mee
mai spirrit muss wawk freee
noe moer ai’l stae
wer wunse ai lae
for yoo stil howld teh kee

teh kee taht biendz mai sole
haz draggd mee form mai hoel
ai cannawt rest
in grownd unblest
so return wot yoo stoel

wotz taht, yoo dowt mai miet
beeleev ai cannawt fiet
yett in tihs stayt
mai powrz ar grayt
adn heer ai haz teh riet

in lief ai woz noe saynt
mai sole bor deemunz taynt
butt taht meenz nawt
ai haz yoo cawt
yoo muss ansur mai playnt

so lettuz plae tihs gaym
of con seek wense adn blaym
weel tayk a turn
in hel yool burn
tu yoor eeturnal shaym

Non Lolspeek Version

it was a dark and stormy night
and I was filled with fright
the wind was shrill
I felt the thrill
the moon shed little light

the ghosts and goblins too
looked quite a bit like you
but you are gone
and I go on
no longer feeling blue

I buried you quite deep
in a mangled heap
you cannot stray
away you’ll stay
and in the ground you’ll sleep

I feel a breeze of doom
that’s entering my room
it makes a shape
behind my drape
have you escaped your tomb?

the tomb is not for me
my spirit must walk free
no more I’ll stay
where I once lay
for you still hold the key

that key that binds my soul
has dragged me from my hole
I cannot rest
in ground unblest
so return what you stole

what’s that, you doubt my might
believe I cannot fight
yet in this state
my powers are great
and here I have the right

in life I was no saint
my soul bore demon’s taint
but that means nought
I have you caught
you must answer my plaint

so let us play this game
of consequence and blame
we’ll take a turn
in Hell you’ll burn
to your eternal shame



costumed up in garish motley
I caper for the crowd
thoughts of where my life is heading
will not leave me bowed
even if my will may falter
I’ll stick to my task
anything may be forgiven
you only have to ask
and life is moving on it seems
regardless of my acts
all I need to reach the next stage
are the basic facts
tried and tested avenues
lie before my feet
and anyway the cookie crumbles
life is just as sweet


though I’m tired I’ll carry on until I have to break
any good I’ve ever done was solely for your sake
just because you are not here doesn’t mean to stop
onward, ever onward I will go until I drop

many were the times that you’d take me to task
for doing what I wanted never thinking to ask
how could I do better, how to be a better soul
focussing on why and how instead of just my goal

and slowly as you worked on me I noticed I had changed
habits I’d thought set in stone were subtly rearranged
things may not be perfect but I never thought they’d be
the only thing that matters is that you’d be proud of me


failed and fading memories of how things used to be
dancing with disaster and wishing I were free
callous as the world is I have no choice to make
for every choice I ever made was simply a mistake

drawing pretty pictures of who we were back then
silence drowned the muttering of sad and sallow men
stolidly you stood before me naked to my eyes
a stolen cosolation when I had sought the prize

down those paths of memory I have no need to run
thoughts of your betrayal strike like bullets from a gun
sometimes I stop to wonder if I would feel so blue
if you were somebody else and I were someone new


captains of war and industry are having such a blast
the seniors are all half-cut and dreaming of the past
the noobs have nearly fooled themselves they’d got the system beat
and me, as bloody usual, I’m rushed right off my feet
it’s not for want of trying that I am in this bind
for all I’ve searched and striven no surcease could I find
it’s time, oh yes it’s time, I say, someone gave me a break
when the lives were handed out they made a big mistake
I was always meant to be a man of taste and wit
instead I’m earning peanuts and shovelling the shit

never was

I am, he said, the never was,
the story never told
I went nowhere, did nothing
for love or hate or gold
I took no steps to greatness
nor left the rest behind
while others strove for glory
I paid them nevermind
my chapter in the history books
may not be full of life
but better it says nothing
than talks of grief and strife


by damommza & sunovawot

life’s bitter brew is poison
life’s bitter brew’s a treat
enticing you to nibble
enticing you to eat

making your heart bitter
making your heart sweet
once it’s in your bloodstream
once it marks your defeat

at first you bite the apple
at first you have no care
then you’d better search your soul
then you’d best beware

nothing’s ever free they say
nothing’s ever without cost
one bite of the forbidden
one bite and you are lost

the fruit of your desire is
the fruit that sucks you in
the bitter tang of sorrow
the bitter joy of sin

life’s bitter brew is poison
life’s bitter brew’s a treat
leading to nirvana
leading to defeat

for JDK adn fambly

wer ar teh wels of sadniss, hoo iz it keeps tehm fild
wy muss tehy seek tu drown me wif awl teh teerz ai’z spild
on teh dae yoo leff me ai lurnd wot it iz tu greev
wy wen ai so needed yoo did yoo haz tu leev
adn nao mai armz ar emtee adn mai purrpuss haz been lost
ai wood haz yoo bak agayn noe mattur wot teh cost
butt ai haz nott taht opshun so mai lief iz nawt butt payn
til taht dae in teh meddoe wen ai greet yoo agayn


sittin on a leef mai dae is mayd of peese and sun
ai settul bak adn wotch teh littul kreechurz on teh run
ai cood do teh saym az tehm adn dash abowt adn chayse
butt ai wood rabber lai heer wif teh sun upon mai fayse
wai nott cum adn join me tehrez ruum for moer tu lae
adn fink of awl tohse menny fingz taht woent get dun tudae
adn az teh eebnin fawlz weel hab a glass of beer or wien
adn sae tu wun anuvver taht tihs dae haz wurkd owt fien


by damommza & sunovawot

what if it all ends.. .
and there is no beginning
no “start all over”
and no “replay?

is there a reboot
a hidden system restore
that will take us back
to that black day?

can we please delete
quick erase from the hard drive
lies in that e-mail
not meant for you?

or crash the system
and reinstall the OS
so this never happened
is all she wrote!