teh wurker

yoo godda lift taht barj n toet taht bael
godda duit riet terhez noe tiem tu fayl
teh munniez carp teh jawbz a crok
dayrnt giv it up coz yoor liefz in hok
yoo noe in yoor hart iz a gaym for fuulz
teh wunz wif teh munniez is rytin teh ruulz
adn yoo prae sumdae yoo wil mayk it bigg
butt yoor hayrz fawlin owt cant afford a wigg
so giv it up kitteh yoor liefz a loss
adn neks tiem rownd cum bak az teh boss

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  1. tihs pome woz inspyrd bai, adn nawt sekkund poestd on, a thred at:



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