teh nyoocummer (for cweenmj adn fambly)

ai wil wawk beesied yoo
coz weer goin teh saym wae
ai wil hold yoor hand adn
tugevver we wil stae
adn ai wil cawl yoo mama
adn ai wil lub yoo so
adn it mae tayk a littul wile
butt tugevver we wil groe
adn o tihs is teh bess dae
taht ai haz ebber seen
coz ai ar nao teh nyoo prinse
adn yoo ar nao mai cween

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  1. Tihs pome woz inspierd bai, adn nawt sekkund poestd on


  2. Moast ossim! ā™„

  3. I lubz awl ur pomes, but dis wun I will treasure furebber!!! {{{{sunovawot}}}}

    • yoo doent haz tu lub tehm awl, ai sur ten lee duzznt, butt fan q, iz yoors šŸ˜€

      • Ai lubs ur happi poems best, too, but then ai need a bit of uplifting, so dis is where mai prefurence comes frum, aifinkso. Ai lubs dis poem very very much – ai can see teh Cween wif teh littlol gnu kitteh ambling along!


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