by damommza and sunovawot

my life is in shambles
and friends are a bore
I wake myself up just
from hearing me snore

the faucet is leaking
the drain is all clogged
outside of the window
is nothing but fog

my socks are mismatched and
I have but one shoe
and a grocery list
with too much to do

the doorknob is sticking
I’ve lost all the keys
I think my pants split ’cause
I feel a strange breeze…

my collar is dirty
I can’t tie my tie
I can’t see a thing
for the grit in my eye

the cupboards are empty
my wallet is too
my one bit of brightness
used to be you

but now you have left me
for that ugly lump
find me a tall building
I’m ready to jump

I’ve tried just to be
an ordinary bloke
but what can you do when
your life is a joke

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  1. damommza

     /  October 21, 2012

    I love this! You’re ending was very funny! 😀


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