by damommza & sunovawot

life’s bitter brew is poison
life’s bitter brew’s a treat
enticing you to nibble
enticing you to eat

making your heart bitter
making your heart sweet
once it’s in your bloodstream
once it marks your defeat

at first you bite the apple
at first you have no care
then you’d better search your soul
then you’d best beware

nothing’s ever free they say
nothing’s ever without cost
one bite of the forbidden
one bite and you are lost

the fruit of your desire is
the fruit that sucks you in
the bitter tang of sorrow
the bitter joy of sin

life’s bitter brew is poison
life’s bitter brew’s a treat
leading to nirvana
leading to defeat

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  1. damommza

     /  October 22, 2012

    I REALLY, REALLY (no, REALLY) like the direction you took this poem in! I love how you ended. I think I just love it! 😀 😀

  2. abikertoo

     /  October 23, 2012

    Izz ae hebby poeyum, ai laiyukz iyut tew, deh meyssjj izz kleeyr, doan byt awff moar dayun yew kud choo, iyut maiyut kum bayuk adn gyt yew!!

    • damommza

       /  October 23, 2012

      Fankies, abikertoo! Iz gudgudgud to see yoo on heer! Wehn yoo say “doan byt awff ooar dayun yew kud choo” duz taht apple eye tu teh Booberry Newtons awlsew?? 😀 😀

      • if yoo biet off moer tahn yoo can choo, yoo doent get teh ful flayvur 😀

      • abikertoo

         /  October 24, 2012

        Ai habs nawt hab ae Blooberry Newton inna berree L-A-W-N-G taiyum, neyx taiyum ai izz ennywaer neer Globe Drug ai wyl dubbl chek awn iyut adn sea iyuf bai chayns dere IZZ sum ob dem dere, deyun iyf dere izz ai wud taeyl ebbreewun haow GUD dey izz taeystun, kuzz iyuf ai bememburz raiyut dey izz moes deelysheus iyun fak!!


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