they builded me a coffin

they builded me a coffin and brought it round to me
not that I was ready mind, nor I’d a wish to be
but I’d been taking awful risks, or so some bugger said
and if I didn’t careful up I was halfway there to dead

now I’m a savvy feller though, or words to that effect
some folks owe me money, and others owe respect
and I can kick a door down or stand up to a fight
the only thing I cannot do is make my life run right

a quarterweight of mischief and half a ton of strife
an hour cussing luridly, and there you have my life
I’ve known my share of trouble, some of it far too well
there’s many a man no worse than me lays rotting in a cell

but steady on they tell me or your time is nearly through
and none of us would soil our hands picking up after you
so take this box we’ve brought you study it all around
and pull yourself together or you’ll wear it in the ground

so should I turn a new leaf as these villains all proclaim?
turn my back on blackguardry and find another game?
I’ll stand before the host of them and they will hear me cry
I’ll burn the rotted lot of you, then let’s see who will die!



days of wine and roses
and nights of too much sin
you were taking liberties
I took it on the chin
how can I repay you
here’s how I begin
when destiny came calling
I said that you weren’t in

cumpanee of frenz

tehre ar tiemz taht ai haz livd froo
taht cannawt be deefiend
tehre ar peeplez ai haz spoek wiff
wiff nuffin on tehir mind
tehrez wawlz adn doorz adn fresh holdz
ai haz yet tu cross
ai haz seen mai shayr of winnin
az ai haz suffurd loss
butt tudae it iz a gud dae
noe mattur hao it enz
for ai haz got tu spend tiem
in teh cumpanee of frenz


can we take a muddled moment
face the future in a daze
we are trapped in our confusion
caught in the gorgon’s gaze
many days and nights bewildered
by the silence in our heads
there are days when we must wonder
is it worth leaving our beds
shake your fist and rage unnoticed
call down fire on those who rule
never mind that their replacements
would still treat you like a fool
anything may serve a purpose
anyone may serve a cause
but where will we find one worth serving
might as well wish for Santa Claus

been tehre

ai haz been tehre dun it awl
teh wurld haz seen me pressin
nuffin ai haz evver dun
wood evver stop yoo gessin
iz tehre a wae tu goe form heer
iz tehre a wae tu settul
ai aksept teh wae fingz is
tehy putt me on mai mettul
butt heer ai ar adn heer ai stae
adn heer we ar tu gevver
teh ownlee fing taht cownts mai frend
at last we haz forevver


wai did yoo mayk famblees
adn loed tehm up wif stuff
wai coodnt we pop owt of podz
tahtz simpul eenuff
tehn tehred be noe A swor at B
adn C was in a mued
adn yoo shoodnt tawk tu D coz
E woz beein rued
adn F stoel awnteez fingee
gayv it tu cuzzin G
H iz on teh booz agen
adn I, wel I iz me

the ragged restless dead

as the hour creeps to midnight
and the lights go out all round
comes a shuffling and a moaning
from unconsecrated ground
can you hear it ask the mothers
as they crawl into their beds
can you feel it ask the fathers
as they shake their shaggy heads
there are stories of the bad days
when the night was no ones friend
when to turn an ill-judged corner
would lead you to your end
and those stories oh we’ve heard them
in the depth of darkest night
and those of us all tucked up
shiver with delight
for we know that in our houses
locked behind strong walls
we have nothing we need fear
when the savagery calls
but this time are you certain
for I hear the faintest roar
and somewhere in the distance
the demolition of a door
and perhaps this is the time
of which we all have read
and at last we get to greet them
the ragged restless dead


mother walk me to the graveyard
lay me down and kiss my eyes
sing me softly to my slumber
and I will sing my last goobyes

time they call the greatest healer
time for me brings naught but pain
how can I endure this heartache
leave me to my tears again

lives are shaped by fate uncaring
author of the cruelest japes
who would take our deepest feelings
warp them into hideous shapes

I will take no more of this for
I have not the strength to cope
I can only feel the darkness
lost to me the slightest hope

mother I have been a failure
nothing that I touch is real
where can I go but the graveyard
let this be the last I feel

truly have I tried to bear this
waiting for the pain to cease
finally I know the truth is
death can be the great release


Caroline was laughing as I looked toward the future
lord she was distacting as I strove to navigate
curse and sing damnation on the bullies and the blackguards
all they want is everything before it is too late

Caroline demanded that I should ignore them
lord but she was pretty when the anger lit her eyes
sadly I concurred and packed up all my marbles
that she’d give me orders came as no surprise

Caroline sang out, stories of the old days
lord but she was hung up on the glories of the past
I was holding out for days of wine and roses
but death and desperation dogged us to the last

Caroline reached out, touched me on the shoulder
lord she said don’t give up, we’ve come too far to quit
what else could I do, I smiled and kissed her fingers
this world, I said, is perfect with you my love in it


a gentleman may suffer from the horrors he has seen
a princess may be hungry for the status of a queen
the rest of us may stumble on our life’s uneven trails
and which of us would risk a ride in justice’s own scales

should I look behind the curtain what then might I see
if I accept illusions will I never then be free
does freedom have a meaning that I can take to heart
does life conspire to break us, were we broken from the start

every passing moment must be judged in it’s own right
should we ever turn our coats or stand our ground and fight
is there a single measure that might give us a clue
to where and when and how and why and what the hell to do

now I’m no sage or wiseman and I have no answers here
it takes me all my time and strength to cope with my own fear
but should you ask then I am bound in fairness to reply
then best is that you find someone to love and be loved by