happee 2013

tiem runz on adn ai runz wif it
froo teh paffwaez of mai lief
ai haz had mai shayr of momentz
seen teh glawree, taystd strief
butt ai look bak adn if honest
wen ai balanse tihs lass yeer
sum of mai most bestess momentz
caym amungst yoo peeplz heer

happee nyoo yeer tu awl


for EveryonesXWife, Anastasia adn fambly

wer did it goe, taht preshuss spark
taht burnd so briet bee for
wer ar yoo nao ai cannot see
yoor preshuss liet noe moor
wy di it goe adn wy so soon
ai do nott unnerstand
wy yoo shood nao ly sumwer
beeyond mai reechin hand
ai stayr in tu teh darkness
adn awl teh bleekness tehre
butt teherz noe eezee ansurz
tu mai dess-o-layt prare
awl ai can do iz luv yoo
adn howld yoo in mai hart
until taht preshuss moemint
we ar noe mor apart

odes and madrigals

gather odes and madrigals and paint them on my face
the walls are closing in on me and I must quit this place
charges have been laid against me, most are born of hate
but I must answer to them soon when I reach heaven’s gate
perhaps the lord has mercy though I’ve seen none before
and I will be allowed to pass beyond the paradisal door
whatever may become of me the world will soldier on
and even the very least of you will feel the dazzling sun
but I will be where I have gone subject to no man’s will
to suffer what the fates dispense for good or yet for ill

tru wormth

sush moemintz we shood sit adn rest
noe need tu rush or chayse teh dae
a cup of tee a biet of caek
adn wotsh teh kittehz at tehre plae

sush tiemz ar fyoo adn muss be grasspd
adn held cloes tu owr beetin hartz
tehy ar a gift mor preshuss for
tu forj tehm iz beyond owr artz

sush daez ar sent tu bring uz eese
adn lett teh wurld arownd uz floe
we haz it awl, awl we cood need
in heer tru wormth adn owt tehre snoe

she danced for you

at christmas when her eyes were blue
I saw her dancing just for you
and as the clouds flew overhead
I recollected what was said
the storm of words the sea of lies
that passed before our anguished eyes
oh mother how those days were lost
to our despair and to our cost
the miracles that we were sure
would even up the wayward score
they never came so much is true
but in the end she danced for you

for KitKatsMom KitKat adn Fambly

daez of luv adn lafter
nitez of peese adn rest
awl teh tiemz ai held yoo
ai nyoo taht ai woz blest
blest tu haz a gud frend
hoo woz awlwaez tehre
blest tu haz teh nollij of
sumwun hoo’d awlwaez cayr
butt nao yoo had tu leev me
adn teerz flo liek rayn
hao long muss ai wayt til
ai hold yoo wunse agayn
daez of greef adn sorroe
nitez so ful of payn
mai hart wil nott be mended
til we can meet agayn

ai am owld

ai am owld it is troo, adn mush ai haz been froo
ai haz been evvrywer, dun evvryfing
ai haz seen vampierz biet in teh dark of teh niet
ai haz eeven got tu heer teh mermaydz sing

ai haz seen sietz so straynj, wotched a wer wulf chaynj
ai haz sed hello adn playd cards wif deth
ai haz run wif teh crowd screemin owt alowd
az Gawdzilla chased us wif hiz fiery breth

ai’v livd a lief tahtz full, been matador, been teh bull
seen teh wurld at itz wurst adn at itz best
butt nao taht ai am heer, mai wae ahed iz cleer
ai’l lae down mai load adn tayk mai rest


there must have been a crore of us moving down the line
and every single person drunk on sacremental wine
and as the train was rolling on we sang the last noël
but that’s another story and it is not mine to tell

the churlish and the ignorant were standing in the way
and as is pretty normal they had too much to say
but me and my compadres surging to our feet
grabbed ourselves some cudgels and we had the buggers beat

walking side by side by side and hand in hand in hand
we determined where to go to mount our final stand
capricious as the times are we know what we deserve
a bottle and a battle and nothing in reserve

and time is not our enemy no matter how it seems
though it may steal the best of us and cauterize our dreams
turn about is fair enough and our day is nearly passed
but we will stand undaunted until the very last

sleep nao for ocm adn Buster adn fambly

sleep nao adn ai wil be tehre
wen my tiem iz dyoo
sleep nao adn memember
hao mush we awl lubs yoo
sleep nao o mai darlin
adn kwiet awl yoor feerz
sleep nao adn wen ai catsh up
tehrell be noe tiem for teerz


FSM damn those ‘gentlemen’
who think they are the best
I’ve yet to see a one of them
worth the gravy on my vest
we’ve studied and we’ve struggled
to get us where we are
then they go swanning by us
in a chauffeur driven car

I tell you I could stand it
were they cleverer than me
I know that I’m not ready yet
to top the corporate tree
but all they do is parasite
each and every day
and every time I turn around
they’re in the bloody way