shadows and shudders

shadows and shudders, step into the light
for ghosts are abroad on a broad winter’s night
there to be seen by those with the sight
and the devil is playing his tune
murder and mayhem are yours for a jest
held in your heart is there hope for the best
at least for yourself if not for the rest
of those who are caught ‘neath the moon

cry out for courage as demons abound
muscles dissolve and you drop to the ground
surely somewhere succour will be found
your guardian angel has flown
death and destruction, we all know the score
if we are not there we have been there before
but here I am hiding behind bolted door
and you are all on your own

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  1. abikertoo

     /  December 2, 2012

    Do the crab walk & scuttle under something for safety!!

  2. damommza

     /  December 2, 2012

    Know how fast you have to run to get away from a demon? Faster than the other guy…*snerk* What a great poem!! You make me wish it was Halloween again..or “A Dark and Stormy night”….Excellent poem, my friend!

    • Thank you 😀 it does have a halloweeny flavour, but just as tasty on a cold winter’s night, with the door shut and the wind howling 😈


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