there must have been a crore of us moving down the line
and every single person drunk on sacremental wine
and as the train was rolling on we sang the last noël
but that’s another story and it is not mine to tell

the churlish and the ignorant were standing in the way
and as is pretty normal they had too much to say
but me and my compadres surging to our feet
grabbed ourselves some cudgels and we had the buggers beat

walking side by side by side and hand in hand in hand
we determined where to go to mount our final stand
capricious as the times are we know what we deserve
a bottle and a battle and nothing in reserve

and time is not our enemy no matter how it seems
though it may steal the best of us and cauterize our dreams
turn about is fair enough and our day is nearly passed
but we will stand undaunted until the very last

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  1. abikertoo

     /  December 16, 2012

    The last of the Titans have girded their loins and are ready for the all out-no quarter given brewha!!

  2. Football hooligan yobbos … 🙄

    And the mystery word is: “crore” ! 😀

    • Pick your own yobbos, there’s plenty to spare 😀

      For any who are interested, “crore” is used in South Asia and means 10,000,000, but I was using it just to indicate a very large number 😀

  3. icanhasanimlols

     /  December 17, 2012

    PB, is a yobbo pretty much the same thing as our ‘Murikan yahoo? As in, rowdy person with few redeeming qualities much less mannerly disposition?

    • (A nice summation of the yahoo, by the way)

      A yobbo is the type who attends sports and other events to shout insults in-between gulping from beer-bottles which they are likely to discard wherever they go.

  4. damommza

     /  December 17, 2012

    Ermm…When were you at a Yankee vs. Red Sox game? 😀


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