for EveryonesXWife, Anastasia adn fambly

wer did it goe, taht preshuss spark
taht burnd so briet bee for
wer ar yoo nao ai cannot see
yoor preshuss liet noe moor
wy di it goe adn wy so soon
ai do nott unnerstand
wy yoo shood nao ly sumwer
beeyond mai reechin hand
ai stayr in tu teh darkness
adn awl teh bleekness tehre
butt teherz noe eezee ansurz
tu mai dess-o-layt prare
awl ai can do iz luv yoo
adn howld yoo in mai hart
until taht preshuss moemint
we ar noe mor apart

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  1. damommza

     /  December 30, 2012

    Az awl ways…ai needs a sham wow. Fur a dragon, yoo shoor hazza sofsofsof sied! 😀


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