happee 2013

tiem runz on adn ai runz wif it
froo teh paffwaez of mai lief
ai haz had mai shayr of momentz
seen teh glawree, taystd strief
butt ai look bak adn if honest
wen ai balanse tihs lass yeer
sum of mai most bestess momentz
caym amungst yoo peeplz heer

happee nyoo yeer tu awl

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    • Happy New Year, Sun 😀 ! (or if you are anywhere near the fireworks, Happie New Ears 🙄

      • Fan q 😀 ai can heer teh fierwurx form mai flat, so ai turnd up teh vol. on teh teebee 😀
        all teh bess for teh nyoo yeer tu yoo tu, PB 😀

  1. Thanks for making 2012 more interesting, looking forward to 2013 right here, same time, same station. Happy New Year to you, sunovawot!

  2. damommza

     /  January 1, 2013

    wishin yoo teh most test
    wishin yoo teh best
    a dragunz tayl is waggin
    wehn himz playin wif teh rest
    teh peeps iz awlays happee
    to haz teh dragun neer
    rhymin ower emoshuns
    sumtymes wif a tear
    he paynts a lublee pikshure
    uv happee adn of joi
    he komforts in teh sadniss
    adn helps us to emploi
    teh lubs we haz tugevver
    wehre teh cheezpeeps nebber leeve
    so fankies fur yoor powems
    adn Happee Noo Yeers Eve!

  3. icanhasanimlols

     /  January 2, 2013

    Az uzuablol, fankees fr sharin yr fabulosity ob tawents wif uz CheezPeeps Sunovawot and Damommza! Happiest an healphyest of gnu year fr uz all! {{{{Schmoooooo CheezPeeps}}}}

    • fan q 😀 adn awl teh bess of teh nyoo yeer tu yoo tu 😀

    • damommza

       /  January 2, 2013

      OHAI icanhasanimols!! Fankees fur teh lubberly wishes!!! Haev a mos wunnermus Noo Yeer adn ai hoep teh bestbestbestest iz awl waeys ahed ub yoo adn nebber behynd!! 😀 Helf adn happeeness tu yoo adn yooors! 😀


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