ai juss red taht abikertoo is ill in horspitul so ai roet this for him

let teh lief slied froo yoo
tuchin awl impawtant playsez
cawlin owt itz messij
bildin sollid braysez
tu teh sownd of yoor wurld turnin
adn teh beetin of teh meshur
of awl yoo evver can be
of peese adn peerless pleshur
adn howld it in yoor hanz
wispur tu it sofflee
tihs iz wer ai ar
tihs is wer ai shood be
adn in taht passin moemint
liek teh ringin of a bel
lissun adn yool heer me
az ai stop tu wish yoo wel

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    • damommza

       /  January 8, 2013

      Ai spoek to himz on teh fone. He sayd he wuz veree shakee adn tyred. *patpatpatpat* abikertoo.

  1. {{{{{abikertoo}}}}} meny beams of helf and comferts sended yr wai! West an getz healthified soonly!


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