for NC66 adn Noelle

luv ai heer
butt cannot see
for awl ai strayn
froo owt mai daez
butt heerz teh fing
see it or nott
it kullerz lief
so menny waez

luv yoo sae
wel wot iz luv
it bigz yoo up
or maykz yoo smawl
butt in teh end
yoo muss aggree
teh ownlee troof
taht luv iz awl

so tayk yoor luv
adn howld it cloes
downt lett it goe
froo rayj or pried
treet it liek a
frajjiel flowur
for wiffowt luv
awl hoep haz died

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  1. tihs pome woz nawt sekkund poestd on:

  2. Bewtimuss pome, Sun 🙂


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