for Mouse adn fambly

ar tehse shadoez ai can see
yoor liet awlreddy faylin
wot iz tihs taht ai heer
butt teh sownd of mai hart waylin
tehre ar fingz ai haz tu sae
butt yoo neber gayv me tiem
so ai wil trai tu sae tehm
in teh meshurz of tihs riem
for ebbry singul moemint
yoo gayv mor tahn yoo tuuk
for ebbry jentul tuch
and ebbry preshus luuk
ai can cownt mai blessins
adn rekkun up teh scor
noe mattur wot teh cownt iz
ai’d beg for juss wun moer
butt beggin bringz noe ansurz
tu passifie tihs payn
tihs burdun taht ai carree
til we meet up agayn


the mathematics of hate

there’s grief behind my eyes
for words I have not said
you can catch me on the down side
knocking them all dead
and the lies that you’ve been telling
are coming much to late
I’m busy calculating
the mathematics of hate

the general consensus
that I have lost my soul
carries little meaning
nor deflects me from my goal
the captions have been written
no longer need I wait
and I am undertaking
the mathematics of hate

some speak to me of virtue
and mercy for the lost
but none of their accountants
have reckoned up the cost
and if they saw the figures
laid out on the slate
they would have to join in
the mathematics of hate

where or when the story’s told
conditions foul or fine
nothing that you tell me
will change the final line
I will go to my tomb
a victim of the state
singing of the beauties of
the mathematics of hate

words fail me

I sit and I look in my mirror
and wonder if I’ll ever see
anything ever that’s anywhere
approaching as lovely as me
could it be that I am greatest
of course you know it is true
comparing my beauty to yours is
totally unfair to you
and brains, how do they all fit in
I ponder how it could be
that sometimes the thoughts I am thinking
manage to impress even me
I try to think of improvements
but not even I can do that
so if you’re seeking perfection
you’ll find it right under my hat

a balentien

by damommza & sunovawot

a balentien for evvrywun
a balentien form uss
yoo ar lubbd adn cherrishd
soe pleez doent mayk a fuss

yoo wil neber bee aloen
yoo need neber bee scayrd
bee coz heer in Cheezland
yoo noe taht wee awl cayrd

wee cayr for eech uvver
wee cayr for awl owr frenz
wen Cheepeepz haz eech uvver
teh cayrin neber enz

teh lub taht wee awl carree
iz big enuff tu shayr
for eech adn evvry Cheezpeep
heer adn evvrywer

so wee can bee yoor balentien
yoo noe iz nott abzurd
teh troof iz taht wee lubz yoo
iz riet heer in owr wurdz

Cheezland, on teh occayshun of itz 6munf sellybrayshun

daez adn nietz tehy flo liek water
pas uz bai at tehir own payse
awl wee can do iz drop a markur
hoep taht wee wil leev a trayse

moest tiemz nuffin seemz tu happen
tiemz deeep waterz rush on bai
adn wot seemd of sutch impawtunse
gon in juss a blink of ey

butt evvree nao adn tehn a moemunt
leevz a marker in playn siet
wun taht meenz so mush tu menny
wun taht bringz a troo deeliet

harf a yeer agoe it happund
sumhao sumwun nuffin pland
turnd a fawt intu an akshun
bilt for uz a nyoo Cheezland

soe ai ask taht yoo wil joyn me
rayz owr glassiz sing a toest
tu Prysmakat adn tu Seanya
teh wunz taht Cheezland needid moest

ai cood

ai cood walk if sumwun held me
ai cood mayk it froo teh dae
ai cood luv if sumwun tuched me
butt ai can ownlee prae
taht sumwun wil be luukin
adn see mai dredful plite
wil strech a hand owt tu me
sumwun tu mayk fings rite
cood yoo be taht speshul sumwun
duz yoo haz it in yoor hart
can yoo tayk awae mai sorro
can we mayk a brite nyoo start


tell me did I upset you
something has gotten your goat
I know there must be a reason
for your hands clasped round my throat
I know how I can be thoughtless
doing stuff without your leave
but you know I’ll never say sorry
unless you allow me to breathe