Cheezland, on teh occayshun of itz 6munf sellybrayshun

daez adn nietz tehy flo liek water
pas uz bai at tehir own payse
awl wee can do iz drop a markur
hoep taht wee wil leev a trayse

moest tiemz nuffin seemz tu happen
tiemz deeep waterz rush on bai
adn wot seemd of sutch impawtunse
gon in juss a blink of ey

butt evvree nao adn tehn a moemunt
leevz a marker in playn siet
wun taht meenz so mush tu menny
wun taht bringz a troo deeliet

harf a yeer agoe it happund
sumhao sumwun nuffin pland
turnd a fawt intu an akshun
bilt for uz a nyoo Cheezland

soe ai ask taht yoo wil joyn me
rayz owr glassiz sing a toest
tu Prysmakat adn tu Seanya
teh wunz taht Cheezland needid moest

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  1. icanhasanimlols

     /  February 14, 2013

    Clappity clappity Sonovawot! Fankees.


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