the mathematics of hate

there’s grief behind my eyes
for words I have not said
you can catch me on the down side
knocking them all dead
and the lies that you’ve been telling
are coming much to late
I’m busy calculating
the mathematics of hate

the general consensus
that I have lost my soul
carries little meaning
nor deflects me from my goal
the captions have been written
no longer need I wait
and I am undertaking
the mathematics of hate

some speak to me of virtue
and mercy for the lost
but none of their accountants
have reckoned up the cost
and if they saw the figures
laid out on the slate
they would have to join in
the mathematics of hate

where or when the story’s told
conditions foul or fine
nothing that you tell me
will change the final line
I will go to my tomb
a victim of the state
singing of the beauties of
the mathematics of hate

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  1. Can’t cause a division, you know !!

    Cheese, Sun 😆


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