for Mouse adn fambly

ar tehse shadoez ai can see
yoor liet awlreddy faylin
wot iz tihs taht ai heer
butt teh sownd of mai hart waylin
tehre ar fingz ai haz tu sae
butt yoo neber gayv me tiem
so ai wil trai tu sae tehm
in teh meshurz of tihs riem
for ebbry singul moemint
yoo gayv mor tahn yoo tuuk
for ebbry jentul tuch
and ebbry preshus luuk
ai can cownt mai blessins
adn rekkun up teh scor
noe mattur wot teh cownt iz
ai’d beg for juss wun moer
butt beggin bringz noe ansurz
tu passifie tihs payn
tihs burdun taht ai carree
til we meet up agayn

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  1. tihs pome woz rittun for, adn nawt sekkund poestd on:

  2. icanhasanimlols

     /  February 23, 2013

    O mi CC, u gotteded mi gud wit dis 1. Ai can haz tissuz pweeze?


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