tu prysma on hurz burfdae

surten happee tiemz
pop up on okk-ay-shun
surten daez of jolleez
taht mayk lief sush a hoot
tayk tihs wun we haz
heer in owr own Cheezland
a surten prysmakitteh
(wayrin hur burfdae soot)
wot am wee tu sae
tu mark teh sellebrayshun
happee iznt neer eenuff
tu esspress hao we feel
soe tayk awl we can giv
adn beeleev evvreeboddee
iz wishin yoo teh bestess
adn ebbree wish iz reel


song for a belubbed companyun

if ai cood sayv mai teerz bai uz nebber habbin met
taht wood be a bargayn ai’d dee-clien
ai am hoo ai am bai teh grayse of lubbin yoo
ai am yoorz adn yoo ar awlwaes mien

ai wil tayk teh hart ayk, teh mizzery, teh teerz
teh yeerz of missin yoo sins yoo haz gon
for on teh coldest dae ai cood ebber haz
teh memree of yoor lub wil be mai sun

the game

that the man was a monster was no great surprise
he’d kiss you, then kick you, then damn both your eyes
he’d make you a promise and break it for kicks
burn down your apartment and other such tricks
the man was a braggart, a bounder, a boor
if you had any sense then he’d not pass your door
but what can I tell you, the man was a hit
with certain young women who admired his wit
they’d pet him, and praise him, and feed him and such
they’d give all they had and he’d give not so much
but like many others his end when it came
for some was a laugh and for others a shame
a woman, he fell hard, came down with a crash
he offered her diamonds, devotion, and cash
she took all he offered like taking a snack
then turned round and took off, and never once looked back
they took up, and buried, the wreck he became
and put on his gravestone “beat at his own game”

the creeper

by damommza & sunovawot

it came slowly creeping
while I was sleeping
and watched without making a sound

it wondered in silence
and in defiance
if the earth was where I was bound

it came with a thought
not to get caught
but intended to make me its prey

it slithered and slunk
crawled up my bunk
and tried to take me away

I quickly awoke
tried not to choke
as it dragged me out of my bed

and shaking with fright
I held on tight
and offered it my brother instead

I will speak

I was hunkered down again
when you came to town and then
I was never happier than on that fate filled night
when you came and spoke to me
had your little joke with me
spoke of life and laughter and love and all things bright

Days spent on the sunlit porch
nights we spent in full debauch
I can see the pictures of us in my mind’s eye still
you were sleek and brave and bold
I was wan and weak and old
you who spent our money, and I who paid the bill

songs and stories, ragged rhyme
you gave me nothing but some time
I should have heard the warnings, but truly I was deaf
and now I’m heading for the grave
battered, broke, but still your slave
and I will speak your name again with my final breath

release me!

“release me!” he cried as his lover clung tight
“can’t you see that you’re ruining my life?
release me I pray,
I really can’t stay,
I have to get home to my wife!”

“you stupid old fool!” she cried out in rage
as he dragged himself out of the bed
“you cannot break free,
you’re married to me,
but you’re going to wish you were dead!”

passing through

passing through the alleyways
kissing all the girls and boys
what am I to do here when
I cannot hear your golden voice?

nightfall comes to fill me up
with thoughts of you and cuckold’s pain
and I resolve, once more, no more
a resolution made in vain

the knot untied, the seal broke
we had our chance but now it’s gone
I search through all my memories
wonder where our love went wrong

and I can run or catch a flight
or take a ship to distant shore
there is for me no true escape
since you declared our love no more

passing through these alleyways
unmoved by the girls and boys
what am I to do here when
I can no longer hear your voice?

Miss B

tehn, adn o yess tehn, seh cryde
ai’z cum to liv bee-sied yoor sied
for yoo iz yoo adn wo bee-tied
tohse hoo wood uz part
adn ebbree dae adn niet tiem tu
mai playse wil bee riet neks ti yoo
adn wee wil lub a lub tahtz tru
tu warm eech ubbers hart

adn hoo woz ai tu tel her noe
wen seh it woz hoo toled me soe
adn ai cood feel mai feelinz groe
wif ebbree in drorn breff
adn soe ai tuk her velvet paw
nyoo tihs woz it forebber moer
adn wif noe hezzitayshun swoer
tu gevver until deff


damommza and sunovawot

once more safe and sound
on that precious ground
that tells me I am home
nevermore to roam

while sitting in this womb
resplendent as a tomb
and everything I see
is a reflection of me

I have all that I need
I’m happy here, indeed
and should there be a change
it would be rather strange

the world outside me grows
will end up, no one knows
but here, within my hall
I know I have it all

there is no time or place
better than this space
where angels sing my poem
for heaven is my home…

what is time – a birthday poem for damommza

the years flow by but what is time
numbers writ upon the page?
a mumbled curse? a twisted rhyme?
a pretty trap? a gilded cage?
I’ll have no truck with time I vow
no matter what the clocks may say
unless of course it is as now
to wish for you the best birthday!