song for a belubbed companyun

if ai cood sayv mai teerz bai uz nebber habbin met
taht wood be a bargayn ai’d dee-clien
ai am hoo ai am bai teh grayse of lubbin yoo
ai am yoorz adn yoo ar awlwaes mien

ai wil tayk teh hart ayk, teh mizzery, teh teerz
teh yeerz of missin yoo sins yoo haz gon
for on teh coldest dae ai cood ebber haz
teh memree of yoor lub wil be mai sun

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  1. tihs wun woz inspierd bai sum poests on, adn nawt sekkund poestd on:

  2. That is beautiful, Sun. What a lovely gift for Kitty-Slave.

  3. damommza

     /  March 27, 2013

    As write of the beauty and the pain of love and loss and the warmth that memory always brings. Beautiful. 😀


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