they tell me that this is a time for heroes
a time to take up arms against the foe
they tell me when the battle hymns are playing
it’s time to gird my loins up and go
they tell me that the people will be watching
and in the battle bravery will thrive
they tell me that my death will bring me glory
but bugger that I’d rather be alive


for icha, a beelayted burfdae pome

wot troof iz tihs taht tayks mai paw
adn gydez me tu a passin song
wot lyte wiff in illoominaytz
cood such a luster e’er be rong
hao iz it ai ne’er saw teh lyte
wer wur mai eyz if nott on yoo
tehy mae be layt butt ne’er teh less
mai burfdae wishus stil ring troo
adn lett me nao reech owt a paw
tu drag yoor song tu ubberz lyte
so wun adn awl can stadn, admyre,
adn shayr wif eech tehir glad deelyte

SPs burfdae pome

wurdz ar cheep, ai noe ai got
wot seemz tu be rabber a lot
sum ai yoos wiff bafflin witt
sum miss tehir targetz, ubberz hitt
adn sum ai hord untill ai fynd
a need taht bringz tohse wurdz tu mynd
adn tehn tehrez tehse ai kept tu sae
SP pleez haz a grayt burfdae

heart of a stranger

the truth is unwritten the words don’t exist
the heart of a stranger can never be known
angels and demons should never be kissed
are you still my darling or has that bird flown?
an idea sparks and is soon lost from sight
nothing I’ve seen yet has led me to you
paeans are sung in the depths of the night
should we recall we are just passing through


it’s true I’ll say or maybe not
my arms are strong my blood runs hot
and I can tell the which from what
in all important ways

and though my name is on your lips
and destiny between us skips
I’m close to cashing in my chips
it’s been one of those days

the canvas on which we are drawn
attracts no love just bitter scorn
and yet, you’ll see, I’m not forlorn
a laugh, a joke, a song

come sit beside and hold my hand
for I have nothing certain planned
my life drifts by like windblown sand
and how can that be wrong

but jealous of our overt glee
there’s others who’d delight to see
you break the living heart of me
and leave me on the floor

yet I’ll ignore the games they play
for if not now there’ll come a day
when I will take their toys away
of that you may be sure

and they will find their bubbles bust
as with the anger of the just
I’ll leave them crying in the dust
an end that’s only fair

but until then we’ll take our rest
among the people we love best
and count ourselves forever blest
with joy enough to spare

for ‘Niser and family

I can feel that you are near me though I cannot see your face
and I wonder for a moment what has brought us to this place
though I know if I should question the answer may appear
and I hesitate to ask then for a sudden touch of fear
and the time is passing somewhere and I am bowed beneath it’s weight
all our choices have been made now subject only to our fate
we must go where we are taken though our hearts would bid us stay
and the tears of the night will drown the cold cold light of the day
we have lived and we have loved, we have had our share of bliss
we have seen our darkest moments lit by a single kiss
we have built and we have battled on through days of loss and gain
but nothing could prepare me for this overwhelming pain
friends I have and family I know are always there
but somethings are impossible for someone else to bear
still I will take such comfort as I can in all their love
until the day we meet again in the meadow up above

Poor Me (1)

disappointments in my life are legion
lord you couldn’t count ’em for a bet
every single day I must remind me
this is just as good as it will get
so speak no fluffy words to bring me comfort
there’s nothing you can do to give me peace
go and cuddle up to your successes
and I’ll turn to the bottle for release