for icha, a beelayted burfdae pome

wot troof iz tihs taht tayks mai paw
adn gydez me tu a passin song
wot lyte wiff in illoominaytz
cood such a luster e’er be rong
hao iz it ai ne’er saw teh lyte
wer wur mai eyz if nott on yoo
tehy mae be layt butt ne’er teh less
mai burfdae wishus stil ring troo
adn lett me nao reech owt a paw
tu drag yoor song tu ubberz lyte
so wun adn awl can stadn, admyre,
adn shayr wif eech tehir glad deelyte

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  1. icanhasanimlols

     /  April 18, 2013

    Fankees fankees fankees fr dat bery spekshul burfdai poeme jus fr mi! Eet iz mush appwesheated! Applsause applsause!

  2. icanhasanimlols

     /  April 19, 2013

    Nawt a pwoblum fr mi! Ai styll heer!


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