some like it…

by damommza & sunovawot

I simply can’t rhyme when it’s hot
I wish it was cold, but it’s not
my poems they wither
I’m all in a dither
and I need more ice than I’ve got

the spring started off so well
now the weather has gone to hell
last week needed heat
now it’s too hot to eat
how can I break this damn spell?

I’m going to take to my cot
and I’m not leaving this spot
I’m in front of my fan
till the day that I can
put on all the sweaters I’ve got

and as I lie here I will curse
how heat saps my talent to verse
for when all’s said and done
it’s a thousand to one
tomorrow will only be worse


what love song

I was singing of the night you left me
I couldn’t help it I kept breaking down
each time I sang the words I broke out laughing
and rolling helplessly upon the ground
they say that when the magic’s gone it’s over
but you and I were over ‘fore we met
I only stuck with you because I’m lazy
and you with me because you lost a bet


looking through the window, someone speaks and all are laughing
someone else says something and everybody nods
if for just one minute I could be there with them
wouldn’t that be priceless, a gift from all the gods
but here I am alone, alone and palely loitering
standing staring in at all those people bright and bold
and I have had enough, I turn, resume my walking
once more to damn each moment so empty and so cold


days can be counted
dance like before
wealth is the ticket
that evens the score
mice in the skirting
tears in the night
springtime is coming
and the world is alight

posing for pictures
dancing with the dead
down in the mouth
turning off instead
love is still living
life is a breeze
save up for summer
so we can take our ease

chance is a good’un
speak as you find
dance with the lady
who’s out of her mind
ring out the morning
call for the cat
rise up for autumn
in a pretty cocked hat

heaven is a lover
slaving away
dance with the sinners
and pray boys pray
in my defense I
never can be found
winter is the truth that’s
buried in the ground


the tears you’re crying now for times long past are
merely self indulgence so it seems
none of them will douse the raging fires nor
will they drown out any of the screams
you had your chance to try to make a difference
but they were not your problems so you said
alas I wish that I could only say “I told you”
rather than see you crouched among the dead

the throne

there’s a whisper I hear behind me
that tells me I’m not alone
which comes as a shock as I turned the lock
before I ascended the throne


by sunovawot and damommza

she looked like Eve Marie Saint I wore my perfect skin
not how the world ends maybe, happy people creeping in
I’m crawling like a hero where the scary monsters hide
in my dogskin jacket pretty, I won by genocide

the walls are closing in and I cannot run like hell
save me from the crazy diamond ringing on the final bell
69 times I asked for heaven, so the summer could begin
but she still looks like Evie, and I got my perfect skin

she tilted her head toward me then quickly looked away
I saw the scars behind her, never knowing what to say
the skin of Eve Marie was slowly turning black
the strength to run woke in me and I’m not turning back

I’ll stay with the scary monsters, they’ve given me a home
more like them now than human and I’ve no desire to roam
with my memories of Evie and what could have been
if only she had looked inside my very perfect skin..


by damommza & sunovawot

I once had a daughter
who lived by the water
and wanted to conquer the sea

“I won’t need a boat
because I can float
and take my belongings with me”

as soon as she started
the water, it parted
and she sunk right down to sand

Says she, “then I’ll fly”
and leapt towards the sky
but it did not go as she planned

“Then I’ll try another
If I stay here, I’ll smother”
and turned her blue eyes to the road

“Land, sea, or air,
I really don’t care,”
then on to the highway she strode

with her bag on her back
she followed the track
in search of wisdom and wealth

but what a surprise
when before her eyes
the road circled back on itself


shades and shadows wallowing
the curse it has been cast
the war of words that’s following
will soon enough be past
I’d cry if I were able
but what’s the point of tears
the offers on the table
the best I’ve seen for years
circle round and chase my tale
there’s games still left to play
time enough for me to fail
before the end of day
but I would give all that I own
hold nothing back for me
to be left once more on my own
and to be truly free

night thoughts

by damommza & sunovawot

the darkness falls
and all around
the creepers creep
yet make no sound

the fire licks
and bites my nose
the air is filled
with voiceless prose

I want to talk
of zombie death
of hell on earth
and my last breath

but every word
from those still here
is talk of “things”
and not of “fear”

it’s recipes
how tough the meat
“I feel so fat”
“what did I eat”

it’s wrinkle cream
the price of milk
annoying kids
and all their ilk

so here I sit
and drink my brew
and count the ways
of killing you…

…a kitchen knife
a hammer, sledge,
a building, tall,
over the edge

a hanging tree
or, for a laugh
while in the bath

a gun, a fire
a well cast spear
venomous snake
or poisoned beer

a plastic bag
wrapped round the head
will do the trick
and see you dead

oh, what’s the point
I know the score
I’m stuck with you
forever more