looking through the window, someone speaks and all are laughing
someone else says something and everybody nods
if for just one minute I could be there with them
wouldn’t that be priceless, a gift from all the gods
but here I am alone, alone and palely loitering
standing staring in at all those people bright and bold
and I have had enough, I turn, resume my walking
once more to damn each moment so empty and so cold

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  1. Wear gloves and warm socks; that will make a difference.

    * Darn socks, I hear you say! *

  2. damommza

     /  May 24, 2013

    a glint catches my eye and forces me to look back
    the faces in the window have stopped and all is still
    the moments just dissolving like an apparition
    and land like winter snow upon the window sill
    so now I have to question am I coming or am I leaving
    is this a memory or am I following a track?
    I slowly scan the footprints laid out here before me
    wondering if I will end up leaving home or coming back…


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