a great day

all these wasted hours i could have spent alone
lying on the carpet, ignoring the phone
but no i had to waste the time listening to you drone

what have you to offer me that’s better than i’ve got?
a taste of the forbidden?, a chance at something hot?
or days and nights of misery, and that’s my bloody lot?

and light upon my feet perhaps, but heavy in my heart
i can never be relieved until we finally part
then with any luck at all my life can truly start

so look into my eyes and tell me that you’re on your way
and i won’t even pretend that i’ve got aught to say
but this will be my marker to measure a great day


thinking time

by damommza & sunovawot

so tell the truth, I want to know
if you could travel, where would you go?
far back in time, when life was new
food and shelter for the lucky few
and every man hoped to survive
to end each day still aliveā€¦

or to the future, there to find
life’s got better for humankind
there is no war, there is no pain
everyone’s fed, everyone’s sane
and governments do not exist
all the world is freedom kissed

Who am I kidding? I want to know
we’ll never thrive, we’ll never grow
as we evolve, we regress
we’ve made the world a goddam mess
a few more years, what would they bring?
new ways to bugger everything

so here I’ll sit and whine and groan
for other’s faults, and not my own
a pox on the past, the future too
on everything they say and do
and question why the world can’t be
designed especially for me

whine of love

I drank the wine of love
on a gorgeous summer’s night
perhaps I drank too deeply
’cause I got in a fight
this guy he said he knew you
and gave a saucy wink
so I hit him with the bottle
then had another drink

our love could cover oceans
and charm the birds and bees
the day that I first saw you
you brought me to my knees
I knew that I must have you
but you ignored my calls
until you smiled so gently
and grabbed me by the balls

the truth is though I love you
we’re not a perfect pair
I dance attendance on you
though you don’t seem to care
my life is yours to do with
exactly as you choose
but all I get is sorrow
and a crash course in the blues


there are two, said the man, in the corner of the morning
there are two made of memories and spice
take a look around and I swear you’ll see no better
half of one is well worth twice the price

so I clumped to and fro through the log-jams and the labels
past the ruby trees where you once hid
silence was my gift, from the days of lust and laughter
but carefully I closed that open lid

lenticular and obtuse, somehow still the story
swirled in pretty bubbles round my head
back I went to see the man in the corner
only to discover he was dead

two of them he’d said, but neither seemed to be there
so I put my money back into my purse
situations alter, so do circumstances
unfortunately always for the worse

just don’t

Lord don’t sing me a love song, I’m at the end of my rope
Lord don’t sing me a love song, I don’t have the strength to cope
and Lord don’t sing me a love song, I know how that story unfurls
so Lord don’t sing me a love song, ’cause Lord I’m afraid of girls

noodle adn star

wer iz teh dae wen wii wer strong
adn lyfe adn luv woz nyoo
wer iz teh dae wii’d hold on tyte
adn wispur ai luv yoo
wer iz teh hart taht beet wif myne
teh hand taht held mai own
wye did yoo hav tu goe ahed
adn leev mii on mai own
hao kan ai tayk anuvver step
mai eyz soe ful of teerz
wivvowt yoo heer hao wil ai coep
wif hartayks adn wif feerz
ai haz noe strenf butt sumhao ai
muss push on froo teh payn
tu fase eech challunj az it kumz
until wii meet agayn


Suzi go wandering deep in the night
Suzi can see fine, she don’t need a light
and if she should meet you it’ll be her delight
to get together and share a quick bite

Suzi go hunting when night’s overcast
when shadows are deep and hunger is vast
and lord when you meet her, that night is your last
but Suzi don’t care none, she’s havin’ a blast

Suzi, they tell you, is all in your mind
she never existed, nor yet her kind
so they’ll never notice her creep up behind
Suzi just loves the ones who are blind


mostly i eat bugs ‘n’ things, and now and then a worm
though i know from experience it makes some people squirm
but that is not my problem, so they can all keep quiet
unless they want to join the worms as part of my new diet

mostly when i’m very tired, i have been known to cry
mainly ’cause i realise one day i’m going to die
i shouldn’t let it bother me, it’s not worth a single tear
but how will people get along when i’m no longer here

mostly every day and night i lay without your arms
a loser in the game of love, imprisoned by your charms
what’s the point in anything when nothing seems to fit
so take this rotten life and you know where to shove it


Viennese waltzes and the sound of babies crying
sadness enters slowly, pulls up an easy chair
I can feel the terror in the dark of night descending
I could tell you stories, but man you were not there

later you were seen in the heart of the city
messengers were flying to tell me of your plight
cold, I am cold and desperately unknowing
all alone and grieving for the dying of the light

stop me if you can, put an end to the questions
let there be no torment in the places where I live
I will never know why you left when you did so
I don’t need a reason before I can forgive