the time has come, the captain said
and no one disagreed
to give the world a licking
and try to stem it’s greed
and should the day not go our day
and should we then be beat
we’ll kick each other’s arses
blame each other for defeat


shuck and plunge

destiny is waiting but she hasn’t got all day
time to shuck your idleness and plunge into the fray
look at what the future holds within it’s clammy hand
several bouts of WTF no matter what you’ve planned
but take it as it comes I say, and never bend your knee
if anything has any worth then you must remain free
cannibals will cannibalise and mockers always mock
the answer is to turn your cheek, then hit ’em with a rock

the mess

by damommza & sunovawot

If you confess
You are a mess
It’s still my guess
That you possess
A keener wit
Not just a bit
You are a hit
From where I sit
I like your “flow”
The rhymes you know
Hide high or low
Where ‘ere you go
I’ll find you yet
On the Internet
And wager a bet
We ain’t done yet 🙂

I make no claim
for in this game
only my name
remains the same
my fickle mind
just seeks to find
thoughts to unbind
wit to be shined
and you can look
on ‘net, in book
I can’t be took
by hook or crook
but if you press
I will profess
I’m still a mess
more or less 🙂


I will walk you home
and I will hold your hand
I’ll kiss you goodnight
and hope you understand
the walls were closing in
and you were much too near
and as the darkness fell
all I could feel was fear
the angles of the day
and corners of the night
cut into my soul
with blades of bile and spite
and yes I’ll walk you home
and leave you by your door
then I will turn and leave
into the night once more

to which damommza replied

‘ll walk along beside you
And let you set the pace
As you walk me slowly
Back to my own place
I’ll gather up the courage
Before I shut the door
To send you home alone again
So I’ll be free once more

buyer’s market

sell my soul to the Devil?
darling I know that I’m broke
but sell my soul to the Devil?
I’m really not that sort of bloke
besides why would he pay me?
he knows that when I am dead
he’s getting my soul for nothing
so I sold him your soul instead



I must have had my reasons,
and maybe if I try
a bit of peace and quiet
and I can work out why
it’s no good, I’ve been thinking
but the reasons remain hid
now do me a favour
and tell me what I did


kick it down my boyos
that wall has got to go
mother’s in the out-house
and it’s setting up to snow
take the doorway with it
come on lads, move your feet
just remember mother’s there
and try to be discreet


curse the broken heart that carried me beyond the line
once upon a time, you know, that story wasn’t mine
the lights that burn behind me throw my shade along the way
and once again I close my eye, and silently I pray
I pray that you will turn around and see that you were wrong
I pray that you will come to me and sing your sweet love song
I pray for many different things that I will never see
but most of all I pray you burn for what you did to me


if everybody got what they deserved
and those who were at fault got the blame
the best of us would always take the prize
and I would be a loser to my shame

if life was something that we all could play
and fairness somehow built into the game
I wouldn’t even cross the starting line
ain’t it just a bloody crying shame

no matter what I try I always lose
though lord knows that was never my life’s aim
but even if I got my just deserts
I’d still have bugger all, ain’t it a shame

once upon a time

once upon a time I read
the truth is true, and dead stay dead
I never cared what other’s said

I’ll raise you up when the moon is high
and the stars are lost in the lowering sky
and we’ll dance like lovers you and I

come the morn in sullen gloom
you’ll return to soulless tomb
and I to my cold empty room

once upon a time I read
the truth is true, and dead stay dead
I wish I had believed


you can spit and sputter on
demand that I concede
that you are right in everything
in thought and word and deed
and I am all that you are not
a waste of space and time
whose only purpose is it seems
to write down this rhy…