by damommza & sunovawot

I knew I should
but now I shan’t
have just said “could”
instead of “can’t”

but time has gone
all’s left is dust
I could strive on
but can’t be fussed

so speak your piece
what e’er you like
then it’s farewell
and on your bike

and I’ll just rest
and sip my wine
the future’s gone
the dust is mine



the thought has come to mind
after years of rancour
if I get rid of you
I jettison my anchor

you’ve all the charms I trow
of a merchant banker
it’s time for you to go
and take with you my anchor

and then perhaps I’ll reach
the peace for which I hanker
but that’s not on the cards
while you are still my anchor

leevin (for Smudge CatBurgh adn fambly)

teh stawry haznt alturd,
iz mii tahtz gettin owld
wer wunce ai woz teh summer,
nao ai’z teh wintur cowld
ai haz noe strenf tu reech yoo,
noe mattur hao ai trai
butt darlin it wood brayk mii,
if ai shood see yoo crai

ai’z livd tehse menny yeerz,
wif yoo heer bai mai sied
ebbry moemint preshuss,
a joi ai cood nott hied
butt nao ai muss be leevin,
merember yoor lief froo
mai lub itz been mai pleshur,
tu spend mai daez wif yoo

a poussinboi burfdae pome

annuva yeer, sum wurk, sum plae
haz ernt yoorselph a nyoo burfdae
wii hoep teh burfdae fairy senz
a dae ov fun n food n frenz
if wii wer tehre ai’m shoor yood find
taht awl ov uz wer ov wun mind
weed sing yoor prayzez tu teh skai
butt nun ov uz can sing taht hai

alone again (inevitably)

my muscles made of rubber
my bones are made of teak
I haven’t got a lover
’cause she disappeared last week
she took a plane to anywhere
a place I’ve never been
singing as she left me
a lyric quite obscene
I’ve taken quite a bit from her
some she chose to give
but now she’s taken everything
how’m I supposed to live
well what the heck, I’ve had enough
this time she’s gone too far
if anybody wants me
they’ll find me in the bar


tell another story boys, the day has been a bust
the steel rods that hold me up are ninety per cent rust
nothing can be what I was, I must have been mistook
though take a picture of me boys, if you admire the look
lessons in just who you are and who I’m meant to be
have been drummed into my hide since I was two or three
but nothing I have ever seen nor words that I’ve heard spoke
have been able to provide a punchline for the joke


tell me mama tell me do
who stole my dreams if it weren’t you
who took my hopes and dashed them all
who stood me up against the wall
who pulled the trigger, shot me dead
was it something that I said
oh tell me mama why the tears
what need to gift me all your fears
just deign to watch, I will behave
no need to place me in my grave
I’m sure that we could still be friends
until our tragic story ends

a pai-ratt bowld

tehy cawl mii a nayv adn a waystrul
for gaymz tehy sae ai’m tuu owld
butt bloe wot tehy sae, at leest for tudae
ai am a troo pai-ratt bowld

adn wii sayl upon teh bloo wawturz
mii adn mai lubberly croo
grog wil be drunk and shipz wil be sunk
beefor wii wil sayl bak tu yoo

if yoo wont tu be a bowld pai-ratt
tehn kum adn joyn uz on bord
wii’l plundur adn fite, from heer tu gudnite
wiv kannun, adn pistol, adn sord

Long day for a little girl

by sunovawot & damommza

Sarah 16.09.13

it started off so settled
what more can I say
it seemed like any other
ordinary day
but then things took a turn and
suddenly I’m shook
where now am I going
I don’t know where to look
everything is different
a fascinating whirl
but now I think it’s been a
long day for a little girl

she’s lying softly near me
taking in this and that
she’s thinks she loves her brother
but does not love the cat
this little bit of sunshine
so tiny and so meek
has just stolen the cat’s food
even as we speak
she’s 9 lbs of cuteness
that can jump over my head
but for now she’s tired
and just dreaming in my bed…

no bones

I have no bones
for none were found
when I was dug
out of the ground

I have no bones
but what of that
while I’ve a place
to put my hat

I have no bones
so people say
nor heart nor hope
at least today

I have no bones
alas it’s true
I am not made
the same as you

but come the day
I’ll have some then
and I will rule
the world of men