tell another story boys, the day has been a bust
the steel rods that hold me up are ninety per cent rust
nothing can be what I was, I must have been mistook
though take a picture of me boys, if you admire the look
lessons in just who you are and who I’m meant to be
have been drummed into my hide since I was two or three
but nothing I have ever seen nor words that I’ve heard spoke
have been able to provide a punchline for the joke

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  1. damommza

     /  September 22, 2013

    This poem made me think of the bridge near me that is falling apart and being replaced, once piece at a time by a team of steel workers. It’s always being photographed and workers in hard hats can be seen at break time, sitting on the girders and just talking. I think, if the bridge could talk…this is what it would be’s actually an excellent poem with the bridge as the backdrop.. 😀

    • I think the steel rods idea came from one of those “buskers” I saw a few days ago, who was doing the “statue” bit, supported by a hidden frame 😀

  2. abikertoo

     /  September 23, 2013

    Izz waoundeurun aeraweund leukkn foar ae wai tew fynnush teh stoaree wyff sumpun aeperoachhun whut teh ggyst ubbit wuz dayutz kawmpreeheynsubbl!!


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