leevin (for Smudge CatBurgh adn fambly)

teh stawry haznt alturd,
iz mii tahtz gettin owld
wer wunce ai woz teh summer,
nao ai’z teh wintur cowld
ai haz noe strenf tu reech yoo,
noe mattur hao ai trai
butt darlin it wood brayk mii,
if ai shood see yoo crai

ai’z livd tehse menny yeerz,
wif yoo heer bai mai sied
ebbry moemint preshuss,
a joi ai cood nott hied
butt nao ai muss be leevin,
merember yoor lief froo
mai lub itz been mai pleshur,
tu spend mai daez wif yoo

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  1. SuburbanPrairie

     /  September 26, 2013

    *snifflol* lubly.

  2. damommza

     /  September 26, 2013

    This powem nearly broke my heart.. ..It’s wonderful and sad and magical and true..all at the same time.. *wipes eyes*

  3. sunovawot, it has been a year since I lost my Smudge. Your poem still brings tears to my eyes, but they are tears of joy at remembering what I had. You are a blessing to those who have felt comfort in your words. Thank you again, my friend.

    • Thank you. If anything I’ve written helps anyone, in this case you, they, and you, are entirely welcome.


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