the thought has come to mind
after years of rancour
if I get rid of you
I jettison my anchor

you’ve all the charms I trow
of a merchant banker
it’s time for you to go
and take with you my anchor

and then perhaps I’ll reach
the peace for which I hanker
but that’s not on the cards
while you are still my anchor

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  1. abikertoo

     /  September 29, 2013

    Yee nawt weunt tew bee aedryfft eeveur, habs aun aetaychmeunt paoiyunt tew stae alee ub teh staweurm!!

    • That’s the thing, anchors, like most things, can be good or bad, hold you steady through life’s storms, or hold you back when you need to forge ahead. Being the type of writer I am, I, of course, chose the latter 😀

  2. damommza

     /  September 29, 2013

    Talk about a ball and chain!

    If freedom’s what you want
    you may just need a tanker
    with a loaded cannon
    then you can say you “sank ‘er”



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