teh goblin

bai damommza & sunovawot

trik or treet
tihs woent be neet
az goblinz fink ov waez

tu capchur yoo
mayk fingur styoo
adn dans upon yoor grayvz

yood bettur be
pree payrd for mii
adn wen ai creep adn crorl

ai doent wont sum
nao doent be glum
yood bettur giv it orl

ai’l tayk yoor boenz
krush tehn wif stoenz
tu thikken mai raggoo

adm mikz yoor blud
wif grayvyard mud
tu boyl up a broo

adn o yoor meet
wil tayst so sweet
ai can hardlee wayt

so doent be shai
adn bai adn bai
weel haz owr seffz a dayt


candul (for pb adn kittehz)

teh candul ov yoor lyfetiem
haz burnt owt mush tuu soon
yoo had noe tiem tu smel teh flowrz
or howl beneef teh moon
adn nao wif borked hart ai muss
return yoo tu teh urf
teh breefness ov yoor burnin
duz nott match yoor wurf


by sunovawot & damommza

We have been writing stories
since the day that we were born
godless and demented
and yet they’re not at all forlorn
we are older than we look sir
and our tears fall like rain
in the course of our true romance
is a measure of true pain
and we’ll sing a greater story
wave our banners to the sky
lord if we weren’t so damned heavy
we would pack our dreams and fly
but our dreams have all been shattered
and our days of flying, past
old streetlights now surround us
angelic halos that don’t last
now the morning comes a creeping
first with birdsong then with dew
again we face another day
worse than death and without you…

frankie faithless

frankie faithless, lithe and lissom
come and weave your thoughts for me
i will meet you in the garden
there we’ll crack a jar or three

frankie faithless, skirts a-swirling
genuflecting as you go
i will tell you a life story
tales there are for all to know

frankie faithless, wild and windswept
crazy as a cardboard frog
let me in to tell your fortune
there is light beyond this fog

frankie faithless, bold and bristling
take a walk with me this night
leave no sign to mark our passage
sing to me of your delight

frankie faithless, rare and righteous
all those steps you chose to take
i could see you smiling softly
as the hearts around you break

frankie faithless, cool and carefree
when it comes, push to shove
there is only one word for it
damn my eyes, but i’m in love


the wounds that I have suffered and tears that I have shed
every time you touched me there were voices in my head
speaking to me softly telling me our time was done
to pack my bags and say goodbye and head off at a run
but you, you were too much for me, I never could break free
the chains that you had bound me with meant I could never flee
so in the end I took the only road to freedom I could find
dived into the Lethe and swam right out my mind

sunnee daez

let mii spend mai daez
neef tehse briet sun shynee raez
let mii walloe in teh heet
feel teh sand beeneef mai feet
adn if ai getz tuu hot
az ai wil az liek az nott
ai can plunj in tu teh see
liek teh porpoyse splashin free

for Calico325 adn Twinki

ai kannot moov
ai kannot see
teh fyootyur howlds
noe hoep for mii
teh howrz turn
mai hart haz broek
ai trai tu speek
butt ownlee choek
wot iz tehre leff
tu struggl for
wen awl ai lub
iz heer noe moer
shood ai goe on
iz tehre a wae
tu battul froo
anubber dae
butt wen teh payn
deemanz reeleese
mai last gift woz
teh gift ov peece

i promise (for damommza)

oh lord ive been good i swear it
no lies no thieving no cheek
so tell me what i have done to
deserve a future so bleak

my eyes they just wont stop tearing
my nose is running non-stop
i think i swallowed sandpaper
and my head is ready to pop

oh lord give me my health back
and i promise i’ll never stray
i’ll live like a penitent always
or at least for the rest of the day


now i’m a man with no trace of sin
when i get to heaven i will march right in
st. peter himself will pour me a beer
slap me on the back, say glad you’re here
then he’ll shut the gate to the those still alive
’cause he’s only been waiting for me to arrive
and after a pause to raise our glasses
i’ll take me a tour and i’ll kick some asses
for heaven knows, and it knows it well
when i get there i’m gonna raise some hell

a lover’s farewell

oh i would see the world anew
the smiles the tears the joy the pain
and i would stay with you my love
and never leave your side again
but that path was never mine
no matter how i hoped or prayed
the best that i can do my love
is meet my fortune unafraid
and beg that you may know some peace
for i’d not hurt you had i choice
but lie eternal in your clasp
caressed forever by your voice