none when they came

an elegant posture, a nod or a grin
none could i see as they straggled on in
for sure and forgive me, but to my shame
i gave not a fig for none when they came

no light in the darkness, no measure of hope
for all who depend on a rack or a rope
playing for time was the name of my game
for i had not an answer for none when they came

each to his own, let the subtleties soar
and dance to the rhythm of unwritten score
eyes that are drawn to the flickering flame
still i had nothing for none when they came

cries i ignored, and continued to spurn
those who were harried and fated to burn
my choices were made and i still hold the blame
for giving no succour to none when they came



by damommza & sunovawot

the fires burnt so brightly
making ashes of my life
your painful words and looks cut
through my heart like a knife

I ripped apart your words and
threw them in to the flame
you lied and cast aspersions
but never took the blame

the blame that you had coming
for the evil you had wrought
and someone had to pay for
the misery you brought

well I am not a judge but
it seemed the need was dire
and contemplation told me
the answer lay in fire

so when the stove was ready
and coals were glowing bright
I wedged your body in there
then fled into the night

i have

i have no tears that must be cried
i have no fears that i must hide
i have no words that i must speak
i have no strength, my body weak
i have no time to save or spend
i have no enemy nor friend
i have no thing to call my own
i have myself, just i alone


they tell me there are ways and means
to shape my life anew
that living isn’t over yet
and I’ll get over you
they miss the point the prattling fools
I already know this
and it’s not love I’m weeping for
it’s your money I will miss


the suits i wear are customized
to hide the growing cost
of being but another of
the legions of the lost
the course that i am following
will never lead to peace
but i was never promised
that i would know release

save your witticisms for
those who just might care
nothing that you say to me
will ease the load i bear
if only i could still recall
what my burden’s for
then i would take my leisured leave
and trouble you no more


the crudeness of your words I deem
are verging on the rank obscene
but life is rough, you knew the score
before you opened fortune’s door
so swallow up your foolish ire
and throw your pride upon the fire
then shake it off and carry on
with any luck he’ll soon be gone

Judi (ex CMiWY)

teh howrz wil tumbul
teh daez wil rush past
awl wii can hoep iz
teh bess wunz wil last
adn giv uz a moemint
tu stadn up adn sae
cum let uz honur
Judi’z burfdae

go on now

I counted up my tears today
the price that I have had to pay
and I think I have paid enough
so fetch your bags and pack your stuff
your clothes, your discs, your games and toys
the snarky voice you know annoys
take it all, and yourself too
before I try to throttle you
but don’t forget to leave your key
“I Will Survive” just isn’t me

for MamaCat, Casper adn famblee

lief kan nott bii crool
tahtz teh job ov peepul
lief iz wot it iz
so yoo tayhk it az it cumz

adn yet ai feel teh loss
ov yoo adn yoor sweet lubbin
taykun much tuu suun
at such a hevvee cost

butt yoo muss tayk yoor rest
tu wayt teh weelz turnin
adn hao can ai beegrujj yoo
a wawk beesied teh wind

adn eeben thoe it seemz
at tiemz ai kannot bayr it
mai strenf iz in teh lubbin
adn teh memmurreez yoo leev

words and worlds

the words and worlds where you abide will shortly disappear
and I will be your long lost love though I was never here
the price of doing business may be more than you can pay
but that’s a risk that you must take should you decide to play

the January winds are sharp and cut you to the bone
and in your heart of hearts you know you’ll always be alone
send up all the flares you want there’s no-one here to see
the wild wind has the final words and they are “not to be”

and plagued by time’s indifference you have no cause to hope
the best a person can do here is merely try to cope
the ties that bind you to this place can never be undone
and truth will come a-calling at the setting of the sun