folks say… and what I say…

by damommza

I find that people can’t tell
their elbow from their toe
they say the damndest things and
they clearly never know
they also say that you can be
a pauper or a king
or you can be the pope and
wear the golden ring
but since I am a woman
I don’t think that will fly
and since I don’t have much hope
I don’t think I will try
instead I’ll turn my energies
to weave some wondrous tales
of red dragons and pirate ships
and sailing boats and whales
or giant frogs and aliens
and flying to the moon
and tiny worlds that can be seen
only at stroke of noon
make sure when the clock strikes
you sit down in your nook
so you can be just what you want
I’ve written you the book…


folks say…

folks say i can be whatever
i think that’s a hoot
i know i can’t be a sailor
haven’t got the suit
i can’t be an engine driver
’cause i don’t like trains
nor a teacher or professor
haven’t got the brains
not stern enough to be ruler
too funny for a clown
not a fireman not a policeman
they both turned me down
nor it seems can i be tarzan
job’s already took
so i’ll sit in my wee corner
and get lost in a book


by damommza & sunovawot

I need a damper In my soul, to control the flow
of ash and soot and breaking glass
and tearful winds that blow

great howling of my midnight cries that fill my tiny room
the anguish that my heart lets in
hot anger, that’s my tomb

but if the damper opens wide and lets some heat go out
will you come back and close the door
if I swear I won’t shout

or perhaps I’ll need no dampers where my heart is sure to go
the storm-clad wilds of winter
that are all I’ll ever know

no engine will provide me heat when all around’s ice-blue
and all I have is memories
of summer and of you

i don’t

i don’t remember you at all
it’s strange i know but funny
what colour hair what colour eyes
the colour of your money

the nights we spent in naked bliss
the jokes and japes we shared
the way you held my tiny hand
or said how much you cared

i can’t recall your stupid name
not even for a bet
i don’t remember you at all
perhaps we never met

catmuss vurses

iz catmuss so tehy tel mii
ai see noe need tu dowt
butt ai’l juss sit heer kwiet
adn wayt teh catmuss owt

ai brawt yoo a prezzunt
teh jollee man sed
rapt up in paypurr
adn tyed up wif fred
heer yoo kan haz it
butt pleez du nott sae
iz juss wot yoo wonted
tehn hied it awae

tu mush tu eet
tu mush tu drynk
tu fat tu wawk
tu tierd tu fink

a man… a response

by damommza

“the dark is filled with potholes
and traps and scary things
scaly skins of leather
dark and furry wings

and in the binding stillness
all fear, it grows and grows
there is no place to hunker
through yours veins ice just flows

the spark that you are needing
to pull you from this grave
perhaps will bring you courage and
the freedom that you crave

but I don’t know where to find it
I don’t know where it’s hid
if I had it in my power
your sadness I’d forbid

You may just be a man
of flesh and bone and hope
but if you yell for someone
I’ll throw you down a rope

and pull you from that tunnel
pull you from the gloom
play music that is awful
and dance you ’round your room….”

a man

I could spin you anecdotes
of who I am and who I’ve been
I could break me down
like some ancient machine
to show you how my heart beats
or how my systems flows
so I am all I need be
to ensure my story grows
but that is not who I am
when I am in the dark
counting all my fears and hopes
searching for a spark
to light the way ahead of me
if such may yet be found
then I’m still a little boy
crouching on the ground
waiting for an adult
to guide me on my way
but fate would leave me waiting
for forever and a day
so here is who I truly am
when I add up the score
no more or less than what you see
a man and nothing more

i ain’t

i ain’t gonna listen
i ain’t gonna play
i ain’t doin’ nothin’
i ain’t in the way

i ain’t makin’ movies
i ain’t singin’ songs
i ain’t the ringmaster
i ain’t rightin’ wrongs

i ain’t got no money
i ain’t gonna go
i ain’t jumpin’ puddles
i ain’t in a show

i ain’t writin’ poems
i ain’t gonna read
i ain’t what you want
i am what you need


by sunovawot & damommza

take some drops of the Christmas shops
a pinch or three of a shedding tree
a jigger or so of the yellow snow
the merest scent of the wrong present
and that’s how you make Bah Humbugs

add a touch of dread from some stollen bread
a soupcon of fog from rancid egg nog
and parts of a fly from a stale mince pie
with a sprinkle of dust from a burnt chestnut
and that’s how you make Bah Humbugs

and NEIGH NEIGH NEIGH for the horse and sleigh
that damn “Jingle Bell” with it’s visions of hell
there’s more than enough of that awful frozen stuff
but the thought of the bills just gives me the chills
and that’s how you make Bah Humbugs

when its more than you can bear and the New Year is here
then you read about a diet and you just have to try it
and the chocolate and the bunnies are costing lot of monies
now you realize you missed all the joy of Christmas
and you can’t wait to be a Bah Humbug.


ai’z kryde teh teerz of loenlyness
sins yoor noe longur heer
ai’z kryde teh teerz of hartayk
of tawment adn of feer
butt CC noez teh dae wil kum
wen awl mai teerz ar dun
adn wii wil wawk tu gebber
beeneef teh meddoez sun