light the blue touch paper
see where I fall
call for the doctor
to murder us all
come to my parlour
pour out a drink
I’ll put my feet up
and say what I think
the words I am shaping
the breadth of my wit
will shatter the moment
and you where you sit
love is a record
that’s not written yet
I’ll sing you the highlights
but that’s all you’ll get
the time is replete now
the night will soon rise
so look for your dreams in
the depths of my eyes

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  1. abikertoo

     /  December 21, 2013

    Izz uzzeurweurrld shyyfftyng tew bee deh neyxx weurrld reeayulluhtee!!

  2. damommza

     /  December 21, 2013

    The beginning made me think of “ the beginning..whimsical but symbolic of something else.. πŸ˜€


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