catmuss vurses

iz catmuss so tehy tel mii
ai see noe need tu dowt
butt ai’l juss sit heer kwiet
adn wayt teh catmuss owt

ai brawt yoo a prezzunt
teh jollee man sed
rapt up in paypurr
adn tyed up wif fred
heer yoo kan haz it
butt pleez du nott sae
iz juss wot yoo wonted
tehn hied it awae

tu mush tu eet
tu mush tu drynk
tu fat tu wawk
tu tierd tu fink

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  1. awl free vurses wer nawt sekkund poestd on on catmuss 2013

  2. abikertoo

     /  December 27, 2013

    Hee kneeydz wun ub doez nayuppz tew reekeubbr ae lyddl byt, aifinksoe!!


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