an orphan tear

I curse the world
it’s pain and fear
and curse myself
for over-thinking
I dash away
an orphan tear
I am the son
and I am sinking


these are the days

captains of industry pulling the triggers
i can see through you and all of your games
the words of the prophets are written on cardboard
written on card and consigned to the flames

these are the days i swore we’d remember
these are the ages of weird and wit
while they are playing at servants and masters
you and i watch from the orchestra pit

nightmares will guide us from here to disaster
depths of damnation beneath lowering sky
somehow we’ve said all the words that we need to
so wish us good fortune and kiss us goodbye


by damommza & sunovawot

How cold and lonesome is the night
with stars that never meet
yet all watch Cassiopeia
as she reclines upon her seat

and burning bright the stars will wait
for eternity to unfold
then burn themselves out, one by one
spinning blackness from their gold

but yet we see them, so long gone
their light still travels onward
like the love you took from me
after my soul was conquered

the light once seen, the heat once felt
both gone beyond our ken
and I am left a man alone
lost to my fellow men

what stories could the night skies tell
if only they would deign
the spark crushed out, the death of love
the tears that fell like rain

I have no need to view the skies
those bright orbs have no power
to cast illumination on
this cold and lonesome hour

purple bear and i

Buddy when he came
was bringing ribs and corn cobs
singing how’s your father
as the sun was going down
purple bear and i
were sitting on the landing
laughing like hyenas
at the people falling down

Alison held court
like an old time loser
wearing frills and furbellows
and drinking Adam’s ale
purple bear and i
were shouting imprecations
watching all the triers
and knowing they would fail

Julie built a wall
to keep in all her secrets
louche and damned-if-i-know
in a pretty off hand way
purple bear and i
still swaying to the music
lost in some sweet nightmare
where the dragon people play

Caractacus was there
preaching from the wrong book
setting folks on fire
as the early birds all fled
but purple bear and i
had had enough of sitting
so kissed each other gently
then trundled off to bed


a joyous moment lost in time
a misdone deed, but not a crime
you spoke to me below the veil
your lips were lush, your skin so pale
and all i knew was you and me
a chorus sung, a love set free
and genuine as all we felt
i watched the world around us melt
and fell into that perfect state
that i had come to know of late
a single look, a surge of bliss
that moment when we came to kiss
and you in your inimitable fashion
taught me all i know of passion