laud me

laud me for i deserve it
all these years of being perfect
i can rise to any challenge
that is thrown down at my feet
with wit and wile and swagger
while those around me stagger
i haven’t ever met yet
a foe that i can’t beat
no matter what their power
come the appointed hour
with a little brain and muscle
i can compass their defeat
and though it may be boasting
if it looks like i am coasting
you only have to realise
my mastery’s complete


what fortune?

by damommza

what trick of fate, what scheme so grand
has put this cookie in to my hand
I slide it down, under my plate
and leave this place ‘fore its too late

once safely home I don’t forget
I have avoided fortune’s threat
but then I see, by my bedside
the cookie’s back, I nearly cried

just go away, I do not care
what message you have waiting here
into a bag and down the chute
your message now completely mute

back to my place, I jauntily go
and sitting, tied up with a bow
upon my sink, the cookie’s back
I grab a knife for my attack

I stab it through and break it’s shell
and push it down the sink to hell
sweat covered now and shaking bad
I hope that I’m not going mad

with windows wide, I take a breath
and think the message has met it’s death
when flying by, like crazy snow
hundreds of messages, ebb and flo


when it’s my turn to hurt you
bring you to your knees
I swear I won’t listen
to any of your pleas
’cause you played like a monster
when it was your turn
so get ready darling
to burn burn burn

if, if, if

by damommza

if I could see ahead, then I’d know
which streams to cross, which paths to go
If I could see the future, where it leads
I could prepare for all my wants and needs

if I could see the stars, and heaven’s gate
and all the ways of god, or rules of fate
then I would know all that can ever be known
where the path to salvation is correctly shown

if I could see inside and know my mind
but there are things in there I must not find
behind shuttered windows and sad goodbyes
are curtains of tears that cover my eyes

but your eyes still see and my heart still breaks
my head is sore and my body aches
the only thing that can settle this score
is if I get to see you once more

if our roads do cross and our paths entwine
I’ll once again try to make you mine
and if blind I am as I’m bound to be
then one touch from you and I’ll be free

but I’m dark in my shell, unable to see
that what has changed you has not changed me
and no matter what I wish I have no sight
so I just struggle on and pray I’m right


the customary marks I leave upon your tortured brow
and curl your pretty ringlets but it’s not enough somehow
I’ll turn you inside out I think, and play upon your fears
then just in time to say goodbye I’ll brush away your tears

I’m sure you are a messenger from heaven up above
a living testimonial, an avatar of love
if nothing else you transcend all the limits that I knew
how can it be I lived so long before I first met you

the days and nights we spend apart seem to deplete my soul
only when I’m touching you do I feel in control
the sacrifices that I made to bring us to this place
are written in the suffering so plain upon your face

when everybody feels as I the world will be complete
and I will lay me down to sing hosannas at your feet
until that day arrives though I have little choice but wait
and play upon your foolish fears and hope I’m not too late

a step too far

they say you know it’s winter time
and i nodding concur
dressed in lace and human leather
bundled up in fur
there’s naught you know that people cling to
should encumber me
if i could fly like Daedalus
then i’d be truly free

the shadows crawl upon the walls
the winter sun is weak
the choices laid before the people
all equally as bleak
summer was a childish notion
a necessary lie
if i had the tears i’d shed them
but yet i cannot cry

warped may be the world i live in
still it is my own
destiny a children’s story
i have long outgrown
and yes i know there’s people out there
wish upon a star
that has always been beyond me
a step for me too far


when hulking Joe Fractal came in to my life
carrying a knife, looking for strife
I took my own and I cut him

when largish Joe Fractal came in to my life
carrying a knife, looking for strife
I took my own and I cut him

when medium Joe Fractal came in to my life
carrying a knife, looking for strife
I took my own and I cut him

when little Joe Fractal came in to my life
carrying a knife, looking for strife
I took my own and I cut him

when tiny Joe Fractal…


mammy my days are so sad now
I really don’t know what to do
oh mammy he told me he loved me
and then did a runner with you

a wake

there was you and me and a million or more
and the old man himself stood guard at the door
keeping out muggers and martyrs and fools
who didn’t know when to abandon the rules
and dances were danced beneath crazy lights
and fighters were fighting their manifold fights
the walls were ringing like heaven’s own bells
and witches and warlocks were casting their spells
and the pair of us propped up by the bar
speaking of nothing, enjoying a jar
and you were so pretty I felt my heart break
the night that we gathered for the old man’s wake


love is for losers
peace is for fools
faith is for children
who need lots of rules
hope is a fiction
courage a bust
life is for living
but only just