the customary marks I leave upon your tortured brow
and curl your pretty ringlets but it’s not enough somehow
I’ll turn you inside out I think, and play upon your fears
then just in time to say goodbye I’ll brush away your tears

I’m sure you are a messenger from heaven up above
a living testimonial, an avatar of love
if nothing else you transcend all the limits that I knew
how can it be I lived so long before I first met you

the days and nights we spend apart seem to deplete my soul
only when I’m touching you do I feel in control
the sacrifices that I made to bring us to this place
are written in the suffering so plain upon your face

when everybody feels as I the world will be complete
and I will lay me down to sing hosannas at your feet
until that day arrives though I have little choice but wait
and play upon your foolish fears and hope I’m not too late

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  1. Saounddz laiyuk ae raiyeummeun paerruhsaiyut dayut jeuust sukkz ae lyddl blud, jeuust enuf tew lyb awn beuut nawt enuf tew kyll deh vykkteumm!!

  2. damommza

     /  February 20, 2014

    The thing I like most about this poem is that you can rotate the first 3 stanzas and still end up with a cohesive and interesting poem. One way it’s a love poem, one way it’s a Halloween theme and regardless of which stanza you use as the first, the last stanza fits perfectly regardless of what stanza precedes it. πŸ˜€


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