if, if, if

by damommza

if I could see ahead, then I’d know
which streams to cross, which paths to go
If I could see the future, where it leads
I could prepare for all my wants and needs

if I could see the stars, and heaven’s gate
and all the ways of god, or rules of fate
then I would know all that can ever be known
where the path to salvation is correctly shown

if I could see inside and know my mind
but there are things in there I must not find
behind shuttered windows and sad goodbyes
are curtains of tears that cover my eyes

but your eyes still see and my heart still breaks
my head is sore and my body aches
the only thing that can settle this score
is if I get to see you once more

if our roads do cross and our paths entwine
I’ll once again try to make you mine
and if blind I am as I’m bound to be
then one touch from you and I’ll be free

but I’m dark in my shell, unable to see
that what has changed you has not changed me
and no matter what I wish I have no sight
so I just struggle on and pray I’m right

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  1. damommza

     /  February 20, 2014

    I do have to say..I love the final product and I was very pleased with the title..you always create the perfect one! 😀


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