what fortune?

by damommza

what trick of fate, what scheme so grand
has put this cookie in to my hand
I slide it down, under my plate
and leave this place ‘fore its too late

once safely home I don’t forget
I have avoided fortune’s threat
but then I see, by my bedside
the cookie’s back, I nearly cried

just go away, I do not care
what message you have waiting here
into a bag and down the chute
your message now completely mute

back to my place, I jauntily go
and sitting, tied up with a bow
upon my sink, the cookie’s back
I grab a knife for my attack

I stab it through and break it’s shell
and push it down the sink to hell
sweat covered now and shaking bad
I hope that I’m not going mad

with windows wide, I take a breath
and think the message has met it’s death
when flying by, like crazy snow
hundreds of messages, ebb and flo

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  1. I lolled 😆

  2. Cookie says: Man with one chopstick go hungry!
    (or was that Confucious?)

    • damommza

       /  March 1, 2014

      HAHA!!! Thanks for the early morning laugh PB!! 😀

  3. HA!
    Sometimes I don’t get into the interwebs for weeks so I missed this….
    Cute pome Damommza, very visual!!
    And a creepy little cookie following you around like that – or little creepy cookie.

    • damommza

       /  March 31, 2014

      Thank you adaein3!! I’m glad you liked it! It was actually inspired by lunch at a Chinese Restaurant and the fortune cookies I got for dessert! 😀 You need to come here more often! You are missing some good ones.


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