call and response

by damommza & sunovawot


I cannot be a poet
No matter what u say
For if i was a poet
I’m rhyme the day away

I’d take words like *suet*
And find some words that rhyme
Don’t think that I can’t do it
I’d just need lots of time

And then I’d be a “poet”
But none so good as you
I absolutely know it
And what I say is true


say it three times and it’s true so they say
as sure as the night time will follow the day
but you said it once and thusly I fear
your words are no more than the froth on my beer

poems make poets or vice verser it seems
they tangle and mangle and squander your dreams
poets write poems and doggerel and rhymes
but these I’m afraid are the least of their crimes

the challenge is laid down, perhaps by myself
but anything’s better than life on the shelf
give me a tail wind and I’ll play with your suet
and when I am done you can see if I blew it


wasted life

you kiss my bleeding lips and place your arms around my waist
a loving move perhaps, but still it speaks of too much haste
for you are not, nor will you be, the one that I adore
should you hold my broken corpse from now forever more
I love you as I loved myself, a truth that you should hold
a wasted life, a wasted love… but pockets full of gold


i have come to the conclusion that my life is an illusion
and i have only ever seen a fragment of the real
but there’s no point complaing ’cause nobody’s explaining
what to do, or where, or why, or just how i should feel
and nothing’s been decided nor any truths confided
so all i do is roll along in patterns i can’t see
and if that thought gives you trouble, you can bet it gives me double
but that’s what i am stuck with ’til the day i can break free

not my fault

okay, i admit it, it was me that did it all
robbed the bank and shot the priest and pissed against the wall
i told the lies, i bet and lost, committed every sin
but lord it wasn’t me i swear who voted these jerks in

debra on the occasion of… and response

by sunovawot & damommza

debra on the occasion of…

the prize for getting older?
there isn’t one, I bet
another candle on the cake
is all that you will get
and that’s if you are lucky
so I hope for your sake
should they forget the candle
they don’t forget the cake

if best wishes are offered
accept them with good grace
it isn’t done to throw them
back in the wishers face
it’s not their fault you’re aging
I think that’s down to god
and blaming friends and family
will make you look quite odd

it’s not a huge disaster
no matter what they say
you’re only one day older
than you were yesterday
so take it like a trouper
for time is on your side
the fact you’re getting older
proves you haven’t died


I haven’t gotten older
I’m moving in reverse
I’ve left my 50’s far behind
and I’m none for the worse

I need glasses to see but
I needed them before
and I still have the same teeth
I did at twenty four

I have the wisdom of my years
learned what i need to know
so raise the curtain, start the band
I’m the star of my own show..

and yes..there will be CAEK! 😀 😀 😀

i am…

i am pain and i am sorrow
i’m the curse that should not be
the cost of doing business
in the land of the unfree
i’m hate and spite and bigotry
the words one should not speak
the spirit of malignity
tormentor of the weak
i’m everything you should despise
but no matter what you do
you’ll never be quite rid of me
for i’m alive in you

memories and dust

i am old but i am golden
though not ripped nor am i rad
i’m not the greatest lover
that anybody had
but i’m happy where i’m sitting
as i watch the world go by
if my thoughts turn oft to sadness
i am not afraid to cry
it’s not a life that many
would swap for their own
and the paths that i have trodden
have meant i walk alone
but each life has it’s moments
and mine is just the same
i’ve had my share of plaudits
and my fair share of blame
and when the final bill comes
i’ll pay it as i must
and all i’ll leave behind me
just memories and dust


I know I am not perfect
though lord knows I do try
but real life keeps happening
out the corner of my eye
and sometimes I may wobble
and I think my engines shot
I know that I’m not perfect
but lord I’m all I’ve got


I dreamed a ghost and the ghost was here
with a big glass bong and a barrel of beer
so I kissed it once though I know it’s a sin
but you can’t get there if you don’t begin
then we had us a drink and a righteous hit
and discussed how the world was going to shit
but the world don’t care for the ghost and I
it keeps rolling on ‘neath a moonstruck sky
so we had us a beer and another toke
and agreed the world was a mad god’s joke

annuva burfdae song

annuva yeer haz pazd mii bai
annuva kandul on teh cayk
annuva rinkul on teh brow
hao mush mor kam wun man tayk
ayj shood hav stopd wen ai hit priem
tu let mii awlwaez bii mai besst
butt tiem dragz on adn so du ai
in faydid jeenz adn foodstaynd vezt*
ai’d murder tiem had ai teh chanse
adn leev itz corspe for bugz tu eet
butt tiem haz got teh uppahand
so ai wil walloe in mai defeet
adn poor maiseff annuva drink
adn feel mai ayjing hart neer brayk
for lief iz wot it iz mai frenz
adn ennywae, tehrez awlwaez cayk

*in TTI vezt = undashurt