CMiWY adn Hobbes adn fambly

teh roedz wii wawkd tugebber
ar gon nao form mai siet
teh daez of lub adn cumfurt
ar lost wiffin teh niet
adn awl taht yoo wunse gayv mii
ai can no longur feel
teh trooth taht yoo wer tu mii
no longur seemz so reel
butt tho mai teerz ar fawlin
tehrez nuffin tu be sed
sept ai no ai hazznt lost yoo
yoov ownlee gon ahed


pretty stories

they can tell you pretty stories
recount their many lies
wave their hands before you
blow smoke into your eyes
but truth is not decided
by show of hands or vote
by pithy epigrams or
by who can give good quote
the truth it stands external
not subject to our games
eternal and unchanging
regardless of our aims

a philosophy

days and nights are flowing
and I caught in their tide
have no other choice but
try to enjoy the ride


the dealer is impartial
as far as I can tell
win and you’re in heaven
lose and you’re in hell
so that is what I’m doing
as everybody must
playing the cards I’m given
then stick, or twist, or bust


the only question I have
the one that I pursue
is not where am I going
nor what should I do
it’s not what I believe in
or who my heroes are
what my favourite film is
or which my favourite car
am I really happy
that is not on my list
the only question I have
is whether I exist?


you’d like to see me failing
falling off my bike
that is what you’re after
the sort of thing you like
well I can tell you hard luck
that isn’t how I roll
I never lose my balance
my eye stays on the goal
so take a dig if you want
it will not bother me
I’m here and I’m a winner
just wait and you will see
then go and find another
I’m sure it can’t be far
to find someone who cares for
the waste of space you are


I deem this world a loathsome place
where one should hide not show their face
and search no more for god’s own grace
for god himself is lost
and though you may by strength of arm
protect yourself from egregious harm
still would you purchase any balm
no matter what the cost

the dreams and hopes that one endures
are palliatives and not yet cures
the cloud of death the truth obscures
from all who would know peace
and when it finally comes for thee
and death alone is all you see
then can you sing at last I’m free
and welcome your release

Angel for PK adn Jackie.Elle adn teh kittehs

a lief mae last a minnit
or last for menny yeerz
eever wae teh ending
iz markd bai lubbin teerz

ai noe yoo had tu leev mii
tho ai wood haz yoo stae
teh payn ov tihs sad partin
wil nebber goe awae

adn tho ai bayr tihs hartayk
ai’l seek nott tu complayn
for ai must cownt az blessing
an ending tu yoor payn

adn ai wil tayk such cumfurt
form fambilly adn frenz
az tehy can offur tu mii
til owr seppurrayshun enz