for 4.5k adn Teddy adn fambly

teh wurdz hang hevvy rownd mai hed
iz lief no moor? iz awl hoep ded?
ar tehre moer teerz taht need be shed?
adn wer ar yoo mai deer?

adn tu teh wurld a hartbork crai
ai cannot stand aloen, nott ai
teh lub ai feel it cannot dai
adn yoo muss stil be neer

wot cumfort iz tehre leff for mii
butt taht sumwer yoo stil muss bee
for in teh meddo yoo run free
taht mush tu mii iz cleer

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  1. Beautiful and comforting words as always, Sun.

  2. Fan q fan q fan q ❤

  3. damommza

     /  June 11, 2014

    Tear worthy but beautful, as always…


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