the river of sin

the world is getting darker with every day
I haven’t got a god but feel the need to pray
can you tell me where I’m going, or how to begin
all I am is washed up, in a river of sin

I used to know what hope is but now I forget
the causes that we fight for are receding yet
there’s a maggot in my apple, and I just bit in
all I am is washed up, in a river of sin

seldom have I seen you with a happy smile
and the way that things are going it will be a while
meanwhile I just stand here, take it on the chin
all I am is washed up, in a river of sin

for every true depression there’s a phony high
I could wish you ‘have a good day’ but it’d be a lie
we used to have a fat chance, but even that’s got thin
all I am is washed up, in a river of sin

tell me that it’s worth it and I’ll struggle on
the game of life ain’t over till the last of us is gone
and despite the odds against us, we still might win
or maybe we’re just washed up, in the river of sin


happy burfdae, pb

yoor gettin owlder dae lee
iz sad perhapz butt troo
tho teh yeerz ar mowntin
it shoodnt mayk yoo bloo
ayj iz juss a numbur adn
tehrez no cawz for regret
wer yoor yeerz litely coz
yoo’v not reechd yoor peek yet


once i found o’bannion in the city
kitty corner to a dreadful bank or such
in his bloodshot eyes no trace of pity
in his muscled arms no gentle touch

we wrote our names into the book of fables
a history for those who do not care
the damned and damnable don’t carry labels
but only seek relief from dark despair

o’bannion and i were made for heartache
sailors on the rudderless ship of fate
whenever we met trouble we would partake
for trouble seemed to be our natural state

the fortunes that we lost me and o’bannion
crawling through the gutters of the past
he bore himself like a trusted companion
but the truth was bound to come out at the last

for standards must be raised before they’re lowered
you cannot sew a wound without a thread
i’d rather be alive and called a coward
since words will not bring me back from the dead


it’s vicious he said with its eyes bloody red
and its teeth that are sharp like a blade
its claws oh so keen and its language obscene
it’s the best little monster I’ve made

like monsters of old it’s tremendously bold
it will march up and spit in your eye
and somebody wrote that it smells like a goat
but that is a damnable lie

its fragrance it’s true may turn your face blue
and cause you to sputter and spume
but that I’m afraid is how it was made
with a stink that will empty the room

now some may pretend that they are its friend
and others to know it by sight
but the truth must be said, if you meet it you’re dead
for it never can stop at one bite

and notice said he, with malice and glee
a twinkling eye and a bow
in case you think I am telling a lie
it’s standing behind you right now


a wondrous kind of beauty, she
would lounge around in front of me
and whisper words of love and life
and how someday she’d be my wife
oh how her beauty caught my eye
I watched her as the days flew by
and silly as it sometimes seems
I bought into her pretty dreams
but in the end just as I feared
she broke my heart and disappeared


I can see where you are going
and with whom and how and why
but I cannot go there with you
any more than I can fly
I must hold myself together
I must plan each careful move
for the song will be a nonsense
if the needle skips the groove
and though I love you madly
and my heart is in your hands
there’s no way on this world that
I could obey your soft commands.
so I’ll wave to you in passing
and sing out mournful songs
as the day bleeds into night time
and I total up our wrongs
was it me that held you back love
was it you that killed my pride
did I ever give you reason
to feel the need to hide
is there nothing I can give you
though it costs the moon and sun
that will bring you back to me when
your heart is saying run

for WRr and family

the grief that I now feel is hereditary
I know that you too felt it in the past
but one of things I learnt from you in growing
is that like everything, this too won’t last
I know someday that memory will comfort
instead of causing me to stop and cry
until then I’ll hold myself together
and promise that my love will never die
and when at last it’s my turn to be leaving
I hope my loved ones will not feel such pain
for ahead of us I know there will be waiting
the meadow where we’ll meet up once again