a lolloween pome

juss az teh niet iz fawlin
froo teh grass ai see it crawlin
crawlin crawlin littul monstur in teh shadoez of teh niet
adn mai hart beginz tu stutta
az ai heerz it mutta mutta
adn mai legz woent tayk mii hoemward tehy am parruliezd wif friet

adn it reellee iz a pitteh
wen ai’z juss a littul kitteh
adn mai sharp enz ar tuu tynee tu giv a flee a scrach
wot tehn can ai dooin
tu excayp teh surten rooin
taht iz kummin creepin crawlin froo the greenee grassee pach

so ai cawl owt for mai muvva
butt awl ai see iz yet annuva
annuva creepin crawler in teh dizmal dreeree dark
so ai pull mai self tugevva
adn trai tu wurk owt wevva
tehrez ennyway tu get away wivvowt a singul mark

butt wotz teh yoose in tryin
ai noe taht ai ar lyin
wen ai attemt tu tel mai self taht ai wil be awlriet
teh ownlee hoep beefor mii
taht teh monsturz wil ignor mii
tehn fro mai self upon teh tendur mur sees ov teh niet

butt holt it juss wun sekkund
it seemz ai hazznt rekkund
teh monsturz may be juss az skayrd az ai iz feelin tu
maybe if wiiz huddl
in a kitteh monstur muddl
tehn wii awl can mannij tu lass teh hoel niet froo



the walls, the walls are closing in
and I still married to my sin
cast my gaze into the night
not for me a heaven’s light
and torn apart with grief and woe
my soul has nowhere else to go
but sit and fester in the dark
and feed once more the Devil’s mark
bought and paid for with the pain
of those whose trusted me in vain
for I can turn a pretty phrase
while all around me is ablaze
and with a smile present a lie
that will pass the keenest eye
but such I am and can’t complain
when forced to carry my own pain
just pray somehow that I may cope
with a world bereft of hope

if I’m not the solipsist, who is?

I am but a simple man
have been since the world began
and when I die you can be sure
the universe will be no more