Christmas, lord it’s Christmas, and there’s nothing you can do
but to pray to any passing god that you can struggle through
you have no choice at all it seems, a servant to your fate
just dancing decorously round the people that you hate

have another sandwich dear, perhaps a piece of cake
your stomachs full, your back is sore, your smile muscles ache
and that is it, you’ve had enough, you scream leave me alone
you storm right out, and slam the door, then go home on your own

and home is as you left it, the precious balm of peace
there’s nothing could be better to bring you sweet release
and as you sit yourself down, and take a sip of beer
you promise that you’re staying home at Christmastime next year

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  1. lupinssupins

     /  December 26, 2014

    But oy vey, I DO stay home every Christmas and hostess these proceedings! Luckily, however, rarely including anyone I could say I hate, around whom I have to dance, decorously or otherwise [good thing, too, as I have 2 left feet 😉 ]. Just occasionally [& not this yr. 😀 ] someone whose judgieness I can sometimes feel about the cluttered state of my apartment, or my parenting, my menu or my eclectically mismatched crockery. Therefore, what a luberly pome of hollyday validation, to find in my inbox as I finally get to sit myself down, not with a beer, but with a couple of my Christmas cookies, my ‘puter and my kitties! Fankies muchly, sun!

    • It is many years since I did the party thing, and I can’t say that I came across many people I could say I hated. Quite a few PITAs, and no doubt some who found me the same, but the constraints of the poem made “hate” easier to work with 😀

      When it comes to the judgmental, I am not a biblical scholar, but I seem to recall something about motes, beams, and eyes 😀

      Personally, I’d prefer a glass of wine, but constraints, again.

      And thank you 😀

  2. damommza

     /  December 26, 2014

    A good Muppet movie, a cup of hot tea and a warm blanket under which to snuggle is definitely the cure for the Christmastime “Flu”! 😀


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