when the baron spoke to me of mischief
the devil made him do it so they say
but i am not a man to follow gossip
so i bade him sit with me and pray

but what of prayer i think to hear you ask me
does it serve a purpose yes or no
can a man persuade the gods to linger
and chart our sacred courses as we go

it’s not a thing that i have pondered often
since all the gods i knew are surely dead
remain upon your knees if that’s what suits you
and i will take my leave and plough ahead

we sat and cursed and cursed and sat for hours
drinking of the finest wines we knew
asking no one’s leave we planned the future
not knowing if our plotting would prove true

for is it not said man must have no master
and woman should be mistress of her self
no more must any person take instruction
except it cost them heart and home and health

so all in all we spoke of this and that thing
examined what we could of what may pass
then giving no more thought to staid convention
determined we were of a better class

and thus we came at last to a decision
everybody’s life was ours to bend
never would we bow our knee to others
and always we would count each other friend



there are walls built up before me
there are chains that bind me tight
there is promise in the morning
that is torn away each night
and each word i have spoken
is but another nail
in the coffin that awaits me
should i burst out of this jail
but my spirit won’t be broken
nor will my head be bowed
despite what lies before me
still i will stand proud
for no matter what the torment
this much i still know
the future’s not yet written
and i’ve miles left to go

dancing fool

your mama sings songs and your pappy hunts fish
you ain’t known a gallop ‘cept its name was gish
you shot your bolt on the 4th of july
when they caught you dancing in the hurricane’s eye
now i swear true blind that i know you well
since we fought together ‘gaint the northman’s hel
and you told me then and you’re telling me still
that if i don’t dance then my poetry will