a halloween love song

bring my billy home she cried
don’t take my love from me
and though i heard her plaintive cry
still was i lost at sea

a sennight since the storm blew up
and dragged us to our grave
my spirit stands outwith her door
and begs my love be brave

you will not see my eyes of blue
nor yet my golden hair
they were lost beneath the waves
to Davy Jones’s care

you will not feel my gentle hand
or taste my lover’s kiss
for i am done with all such things
that once gave me such bliss

but when the wind blows high and hard
then will i come to thee
to bring you to a couch beside
the one reserved for me

and we shall rest forever more
where mankind’s eyes are blind
and there we’ll take such comfort as
our corpses yet may find



lay me down and call me mother
wake me up when i am dead
pull the other one my darling
watch me turn a crimson red
it is time that we were leaving
for the halls and hearths of home
seldom have we been so lordly
since we walked the streets of rome
but of course i know your secrets
i wrote the book on how to scry
in the course of but one moment
how could we see eye to eye
let me hold your furry paw dear
in the rues of old bordeaux
where the nights of sweet debauchery
are all we need or want to know
i will never be so lonesome
as that time before we met
curses on that passing moment
that brings with it regret
life is hard for those who need it
harder still for those that pray
cordons drawn around the crypt are
where i think we’re meant to stay
shallow breaths are taken slowly
our hearts lie on the plate
i would sing to you of customs
that were old before this date
seperate but still together
all the while i hold you tight
put your favourite verb here darling
and we’ll do it every night